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Nintendo Says No More Content Updates For ARMS After 5.0 Update

We’ve just had a massive new update for ARMS with Version 5.0, which is available right now. However, Nintendo has said that it’s the last content update for the action-packed fighter as presumably the team are working on their next project. Since ARMS was released we’ve had 5 new fighters, 12 new arms, and 5 new stages. Here’s what the company had to say:

“As a major update, this one [the just released v.5 update] will be the last update. Of course, we will continue to adjust the game’s balance in the future, so I hope you will continue to enjoy ARMS.”

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  1. That’s it ok well looks like I will just buy a copy off eBay I really thought they were going to go the splatoon route giveimg out dlc until the game was done with but. Nope they want to stop during the first year

  2. The game still doesn’t reach its $60 price tag in my opinion, but it’s still much better than launch (the achievements at least “added” some more single-player content). I’d say pick this game up for around $30-$40 if you can find it that cheap.

  3. Fair enough. Still they should have been focused on achievements more than adding fighters and stages in my opinion.
    A good game, hope it will see a sequel (with more achievements… lol).

    1. And wait, what was that photo from very early on that had the bush with what looked like glowing eyes? Was that just there to mislead us? I still think that could have been a tree vine ARMS fighter.

  4. I’d assume this decision is partly due to the amount of active players. If a lot of people were still playing this like crazy they probably would’ve continued adding more to it. But as much as I like this game I haven’t played it much recently because there are just so many other awesome games releasing for Switch that end up eating up my gaming time. I assume I can’t be the only one with that problem.

  5. at least it was better support, for a new IP mind you, than any support triple A publishers like EA and Activision have shown for their more popular bigger IPs. I honestly love Arms and it’s going to be one of Nintendo’s greatest games in hindsight view later on when everyone is looking back at the Switch.
    Honestly I’m surprised they kept support up for this long and I never expected them to go as far as they have with the content updates. Unlike Splatoon a lot more work has to go into developing a new character for a fighting game, especially when each character has their own unique play style. Nintendo actually did great for this to be a new IP, everyone complaining about the support for this not being as much as the support for Splatoon should realize that it doesn’t take as much work to create new content for Splatoon twn as it does for a fighting game.

    1. Indeed, but I still think they could have done more… A cowboy with rope ARMS abilities with a rodeo stage? A Tarzan-esque fighter with tree vine ARMS whose stage is the top of a massive tree? An eskimo with yarn or wool ARMS with a frozen lake stage?

      I’d be willing to wait another year for all of those. Two years even.

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