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Retro Studios Looking For A Level 2 Designer

The acclaimed Retro Studios are currently looking for a level 2 level designer whose duties will include a variety of things such as making the video game design vision come to life and fine tuning the gameplay for whatever it is they are secretly working on. We haven’t heard from Retro Studios for a while, so 2018 should hopefully be interesting.

  • Works with game designers, engineers and artists to help make the design vision come to life; helps balance and tune the game play mechanics to suit the target audience and age
  • Maintains the vision and ideals of Retro’s software products
  • Maintains constant communication about development status with the Design
  • Supervisor, Creative Director, and other Design Staff
  • Remains current with competitor’s products to ensure the best quality product from Retro’s development team
  • Develops concepts, writes treatments, flow charts and game scripts
  • Participates in developing prototypes
  • Performs game design revisions to achieve highest quality
  • Helps bring the creative vision and technical specifications for assigned video games

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  1. At this point, Retro Studios is perhaps the biggest Nintendo-related mystery.

    Metroid Prime 4 isn’t being made by them, and they’ve been almost completely silent since the release of DKC: Tropical Freeze.

    It’s really curious how quiet they’ve been. I’ve actually forgotten they existed a few times as a result.

    1. This is so true, just what are they up to.
      There’re not involved with MP4?? ( so we’ve heard)
      There’s def gona be a return of the dkc series in the switch in some form. This is inevitable.
      A new IP from these people that completely amazes us is possible from this studio.
      I HAVE HOPE !!

    1. Maybe Its a 3D DK open world game. They are excellent for the job of making the second 3D DK game.

    1. Since Retro Studio’s in charge of the DK games, there’s a possibility that they are making a 3D DK game. I also want to see the DK crew comeback :)

  2. Considering their name, I’m honestly hoping for a revival game for one of Nintendo’s dead franchises (except Mother, of course.)

  3. Metroid Prime trilogy HD!… Or a new 2D Metroid for Switch :o… I want Ninty to get someone to make Geist 2, somebody needs to pick.up Sadness… Or I want to see them make a new Starfox or F-ZERO! Lol

    1. We need sequels to Geist AND Eternal Darkness. Oh & Baten Kaitos! With Nintendo owning Monolith Soft, making them a 1st party dev, and with their supposed good relationship with Bandai Namco, making a new Baten Kaitos shouldn’t be too difficult if they can get a writer with a good story for a third game. (I’ll even take HD remasters of the original two games!)

    1. You’re free to have your own opinion but many will strongly disagree with you about them being a waste.

  4. I would like an adventure game with emphasis on storytelling from them,like Uncharted or Tomb Raider reboot.With what is going on with Nintendo right now,a new 3D Donkey Kong would’t be out of the question,or even a new F-Zero game!

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