You Can Now Disable The Hazardous Weather Warning In Pokemon Go

Niantic recently added a live weather feature to the popular mobile game Pokemon Go. With it, however, came a few issues whereby players were noticing that it was sometimes inaccurate. When players were notified of potentially hazardous weather conditions, the live weather feature stopped and this meant that some were not able to obtain weather-related bonuses. Now there’s an option to press an ‘I am safe’ button when the hazardous weather warning appears meaning that you can carry on playing the game and receive the bonuses as normal.



    1. You mean when you’re going really fast? That’s to stop people from playing while driving. Sure it takes a toll on passengers, but it’s a safety measure. They can definitely improve on it and I don’t doubt that they’re still trying to find ways to improve it, but for now it’s very safe.

      1. It’s a nuisance and idiots should know better than to fucking drive and text, let alone play a fucking worthless game eating up people’s time and effort for nothing. If they crash, hit something/someone or folks walking around without so much of a though to be aware of their surroundings, that’s their dumbass fault, not the company or the product. Common sense should’ve told these morons that.

      2. You’re right, it’s not the company’s fault, and chances are very slim that they would get sued for that (Apple and other phone companies would get sued for accidents caused by drive and text). However, it’s ethically and morally correct to put those restrictions.

        It’s really sucky that you think that way, mainly because it doesn’t exactly stop people from playing, but it puts another barrier. Having no drivers/passengers playing is better than having drivers playing. Again, it probably could be implemented better, but it’s unfair to say it’s their fault and to live with it.

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