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Suda51: “Nintendo Has Really Started Caring More About Indies”

Renowned developer Suda51 has recently spoken to Game Informer about development on the Nintendo Switch. He’s pleased that Nintendo has reached out to indies and built a platform that is super friendly to independent developers. He says it’s obvious to him that Nintendo has really started caring about the indie game scene.

“Over the past two years, I’ve seen how much Nintendo has been putting into getting the word out about indies and trying to help the indie community get more popular and get more support,” says Goichi Suda, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture and director of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. “It’s really obvious to me that Nintendo has really started caring more about indies.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

43 thoughts on “Suda51: “Nintendo Has Really Started Caring More About Indies””

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                  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I suffer from a rare disorder that sometimes makes me think my body has been possessed by the ghost of Iwata. Nintendo keeps asking me to stay off their conference calls but you tell me why I can suddenly speak Japanese and always know the codes to get on those calls in the first place!

                    Anyways, it also seems to make me forget that this is the comment section of a fansite and not the internal discussion boards over at Nintendo. So again, thank you for setting me straight. Super helpful. I’m sure Nintendo will introduce a ton of Indie characters into Smash. Definitely their next move.

            1. i’d love shantae in smash drop pikachu and the extra poke reps and a few mario and ad some indies not freddy fazbear though or sans those games suck

              1. Why would they drop all the Pokemon and a portion of the Mario games in favor of third party indie games played by a relative small percentage of their fanbase, when compared to the literal top two selling game franchises of all time?. Yes we’ve had some guest characters and some of those made more sense than others (Mega Man and Pac Man versus the likes of Snake, Ryu, Bayonetta), but the idea of reducing their two best selling franchises in favor of a couple relatively unknown (but good!) indie games is absurd.

                And you pointed out the exact problem with picking which indies to use. You don’t like some popular indies, I don’t like some popular indies, how on earth would they pick appropriate characters that the majority would both recognize and enjoy? I promise that all my in-laws who love Nintendo wouldn’t know or care about Shovel Knight, but they would love to see more Mario characters like Waluigi, Boo, etc. And their a pretty good representation of the non-hardcore but super Nintendo loving fanbase.

                1. i think shovel knight would of been fun aswell as yooka and laylee i just feel they had too many pokemon fighters is all.

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