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Here’s The Stock Price Performance Of Major Japanese Developers In 2017

Dr. Serkan Toto CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy Kantan Games has rather handily listed the stock price performance of major Japanese video game developers in 2017. As you can see Nintendo has risen to second on the list, just below Square Enix, who have received plenty of success with smartphone and console games.

Stock price performance of major Japanese video game devs in 2017:

  • Square Enix +78%
  • Nintendo +70%
  • Sony +53%
  • Konami +28%
  • Capcom +26%
  • Bandai Namco: +14%
  • Koei Tecmo +8%
  • Sega Sammy -21%

I know some of the companies do other things as well (but incl. for reference). Numbers rounded.


11 thoughts on “Here’s The Stock Price Performance Of Major Japanese Developers In 2017”

    1. @PiePiePie
      Sega Sammy Holdings Inc (though usually just mentioned as Sega Sammy).
      Name started back in 2004 when Sega & Sammy Corp. merged.

    1. Oh, Sega has no idea how to respond to Sonic Mania

      Shun Nakamura: It was very interesting for me to see Sonic Mania come out, get very high scores and have people praise the game. From the team’s perspective, we’re still going to be making 3D games for the audience that likes that style of Sonic – when we see the reactions that Mania got, the entire team sat down and thought it was really interesting, and we should break down what people liked about Mania, and in the future – when we build our 3D games – see what essence we can take from Sonic Mania and put into a 3D world, to give people what they’re looking for and that they’ve found in Sonic Mania.

      That people like 2d Sonic was a genuine surprise, and now they’re going to sit down and in *2017*, question what it is about 2d sonic people like. These people should be nowhere near a dev kit.

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