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L-3 Nozzlenose D Gets Added To Splatoon 2 This Evening

There’s yet another weapon that will be available for Splatoon 2 fans this evening. This time around it’s the fearsome looking L-3 Nozzlenose D. It has a sub weapon which is Burst Bomb and a Special which is Inkjet. Those of you in North America will be able to get your hands on it this evening, while those of us in Europe should expect it tomorrow morning.



  1. I’m so fuc***ng tired to get matched with people who doesn’t even know how to freakin’ play, in every match I get more than 1300 pts but my team members’ only get around 300-500 pts…

    It gets really frustrating after several matches and I’ve actually quit the game for a while, I don’t know if Nintendo doesn’t know how to properly match the teams o what’s going on.

    1. My assumption with your comment is that you’ve been playing for a while and you have a fairly high level. My understanding from my experience with the game is that if you have a high level and you’re using a weapon that you have a high freshness rating with, you’re going to get matched with weaker teammates that “need your help” because you’re a veteran player. I guess it’s sorta a way to try to fairly match up teams. Try using a weapon you’ve never used before and see if that helps your matchups. Failing that try to find me online, because I’ll promise you I’m gonna give each match my very best shot.

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