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Nintendo Norway Site Says Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4 Coming In 2018

We are all looking forward to hearing which games Nintendo has lined up this year for the Nintendo Switch and also the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Norway’s official site states a couple of titles that are due to be released this year and those include the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3. If these games make that date it would be excellent,  but we shall have to wait and see. The rumoured January Direct should hopefully hold more details.


    1. It’d be enough Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 and Smash this year, with the announcement of Pokemon launching in Spring/Summer 2019.
      Obviously expecting more announcements soon…

      1. Getting Pokemon out for Christmas is way more important than Metroid, I’d say. You can bet the pressure is on to make that happen. No matter how much people talk about Metroid, it’s not a big seller. Bayonetta is in a similar boat. They need Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Smash (it’ll be a port), and like a Mario Party or something in addition to the Metroids/Bayonettas/Fire Emblems that the hardcore crowd likes.

        1. That could change with the Switch and if they remaster the trilogy plus Hunters with a new campaign that’s not as dull or repetitive and revive it’s kick-ass multiplayer, THEN it’ll sell like hotcakes. A guaranteed several million copies sold.

          1. I don’t think you’re going to see MORE time spent on Metroid unless 4 really moves. Luigi’s Mansion sold a half million more than Prime 1. Luigi’s Mansion 2 sold as much as the entire Prime trilogy combined. By the numbers, one could argue that a Luigi 3 is a more important title than a new Metroid… but Metroid is a system seller to a different set of people than their other big IPs, so that’s good.

            Ultimately, Metroid is and will likely continue to be, the bottom of their big IP sales, but important for a diverse line up. If they can take advantage of the Switch momentum and release a game with review scores like Mario and Zelda, maybe it will finally get some growth, but you could say that about any title.

            1. That’s horseshit. Luigi’s Mansion sold more than the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime and yet hasn’t had a sequel for over 12 fucking years? lol Nope to all that.

                1. I’m saying I find it impossible for the first game to outsell Prime 1 domestically but waited 12 years for a sequel if it was “more successful” in the first place.

    1. I don’t know why so many people are surprised to think that metroid won’t come this year. Bayonetta 3 is the one that surprises me

  1. I’d be worried about the translation here, since sometimes nuance can be lost. It may be that those titles are being revealed, along with many other games, in 2018. As in, details will be revealed. It’d be helpful to get a native speaker to translate instead of Google.

    That said: imagine a year where Nintendo puts out some decent Yoshi and Kirby games, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Pokemon, Bayonetta 3, a console release for Animal Crossing, and the fabled Pikmin 4 with some new IP and extra surprises thrown in. If Nintendo is as revved up for 2018 as I think they may actually be, it’s going to be another big year for Switch.

  2. I wish this was true of metriod, but unless they’ve been working on this for a serious amount of time it’s gona feel rushed and may not live up to expectations. I know retro are supposedly not working on this, but we have the same director.
    I want this game to be absolutely as awesome as it can and be my favourite switch game. It’s got a lot to compete with after botw and odyssey.
    Please don’t ruin it for f** sake

  3. I’m worried that these games may be rushed….. I dint care about metriod but bayonetta…. They just shown a teaser last year and just prior said that they needed someone to publish it and would like to make a 3rd. Talk seemed like they didn’t start developing. I played xenoblade 2 and saw signs of it being rushed for the switch lineup. Like the animations and etc. I Just hope Nintendo isn’t trying to rush games out to build a switch library….. It can hurt the games….. .

    1. Well Bayonetta 3 could’ve been long in development and it could’ve been at first a Wii U title moved to the Switch. I could definitely see Metroid Prime 4 being delayed to 2019 if Smash Bros and Pokémon Switch are both green lighted for this year avoid the game not selling as well as they want it to. In Bayonetta 3’s case its being rumored that Platinum Games wants to build off the popularity that the franchise has got from the TGA’s so they wanna release it in the same calendar year as Bayonetta 1 & 2 for potential big sales

    1. It ain’t fast, but they’ve only just revealed back in 2017 e3 it’s in development. ( they had to, coz they got everything riding on the switch).
      We’ve seen nothing of this game yet apart from a black screen with MP4 on it and a very familiar soundtrack.
      The best games USUALLY you see quite a few bits of it and then it gets delayed and then delayed and then a release date is changed etc.
      This has happened with games like botw and resi 4 and both are fantastic games with plenty of time allowed to polish. ( BUT DAM I WANT METROID PRIME 4 ALREADY)!

      1. …I highly disagree. Final Fantasy XV was delayed to hell so many times, and shown gameplay so many times, but it still didn’t live up to many people’s expectations. To me, it was a great game. But there are hundreds of people, if not thousands, that have done reviews on it that have said otherwise. And this is coming from the people who made Final Fantasy VII.

      2. I’ve never played these games so wouldn’t know.
        As a rule of thumb though, the more time you get with something the better it can be which has been the case in the past with a lot of games. Don’t know where they’ve gone wrong with the FF games if this is so.

  4. If this is true, Nintendo is going to kill it this year. Imagine having both Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 out in time for Holiday 2018. Kimishima will get the 20 million units sold for that fiscal year for sure.

    1. Forget rushing. Don’t fuck it up with Chibi Force antics or even have it’s contents (like difficulty settings) locked behind a fucking NFC toy paywall.

  5. Not surprised about either. Nintendo has been in the habit of announcing games only when they are getting ready to launch within a year or so. I’m expecting Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Pikmin 4, Smash Port and possibly Pokémon this year.

  6. I’m sure they worked on Prime 4 since right after Chibi Force got shitcanned by the fans and turned to AM2R. It’s no coincidence that both SR and Prime 4 we’re worked on soon after the controversial reveal which is when Nintendo started to panic and presumably “listened” to the fans.

  7. I’m Norwegian. The official Nintendo Norway is really just a distributor of Nintendos hardware and games called Bergsala. They would probably never know information about the release of theese games before closer to release. I have also checked the newsarticle, and the statement that theese games are released in 2018 is now removed. They probably write wrong, and promised something they didnt know anything about – therefore changed the text. Original article can be found here:

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