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A Global Splatfest Featuring Action Vs. Comedy Begins Next Week

The first Splatfest of 2018 is on the way. The Nintendo Versus Twitter account has confirmed that the next Splatfest will take place on January 12th at 8pm Pacific Time. The theme for this Splatfest is Action vs. Comedy. And this time, “the theme and results are global”. We’ve included the announcement tweet down below, so feel free to check it out.



  1. It really depends on the movie. Some action movies can be real dull and bland, and I rarely like ones that have almost no humor to them. On the other hand, if the comedy film has dumb shit like Adam Sandler then hell no.

  2. Comedy all the way, even though both genres have bits of the other in them nowadays (Thor: Ragnarok had a lot of laughs thanks in part to Jeff Goldblum, for example, and the new Jumanji seems to be BOTH action and comedy (and imho, Jack Black steals the show).

  3. I want both. Good thing I got the Star Wars movies & Marvel movies that have a good bit of both. (Of course, some HATE the comedy in Star Wars but not my problem.)

    1. If I want movies that are pure action with very little comedy, I’ll watch the pre-Justice League DC movies.

    2. Personally I feel like the comedy in the modern Star Wars films feel a little out of place, except when it’s invovled with the droids/robots.

    3. I see stuff in The Last Jedi that for some reason people find funny but I don’t (like when Luke disses Kylo after being fired at. I guess everyone else thinks he’s brushing off dirt that got kicked up on him, but I see it as him taunting Ren, saying “that all you got?”).

      The funny stuff in Thor: Ragnarok was genuinely funny though- Goldblum was the perfect actor for the Grandmaster, especially in the post-credits scene.

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