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Oboro Stars In The Latest Trailer For Fire Emblem Warriors

The latest trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors revolves around Oboro, one of three characters in the Fire Emblem Fates DLC Pack, out now for both the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS versions of the game. You can check out some gameplay footage of the spear-wielding fighter in the video below. Fire Emblem Warriors offers action-filled combat through a campaign starring more than 20 playable warriors, including two new characters, Lianna and Rowan, battling alongside recognizable heroes like Marth, Lyn, Xander, Corrin and Chrom.



    1. Correct. You have to pay for play these characters. I hope the developers don’t do the same with Hyrule Warriors for the Switch


      1. Half the stuff you bought in Hyrule Warriors could be unlocked by playing the “adventure” missions. I didn’t know that until Later on. I was happy enough to wear the Twilight Princess Link costume as soon as I started playing. Thought these DLC paywalls have given me a bad impression on the Dynasty Warriors franchise; a series I am not familiar with.


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