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Rumour: A Most Likely Fake Video Appears Showing Off Switch Firmware 5.0

A video appeared online last night reportedly showing off the next big firmware update for the Nintendo Switch. Due to a number of factors it is presumed to be fake, but it’s quite nicely done. The video shows things that Nintendo fans have been hoping for on the Nintendo Switch including cloud saves, applications, party chat and more. You can have a watch of the video below, though several high-profile people have debunked it and said it’s fake.

Thanks to Señor L and Sem I for the news tip!

34 thoughts on “Rumour: A Most Likely Fake Video Appears Showing Off Switch Firmware 5.0”

    1. Even though is fake, all the features showcased will be very much welcomed exactly as shown with no or very little change for me.
      Only thing missing was an achievement system, but the more I think about that system I’m not sure if I really want it

  1. If they’re gonna fake something, at least do it right on all accounts. This is where those damn moronic “flat Earthers” should come in and spite FAKE messages. lol

  2. After seeing the Breath of the Wild theme, it instantly looked fake. There’s something about it that doesn’t look right. The internet logo is very similar to the one used on the 3ds, the YouTube logo is older than expected and, as others have mentioned, the install size of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is greater than the allocated amount. While it all points to being a fake, we can still hope these features will eventually come.

    1. Youtube and internet logo could have perfectly good explanations, mentioned by others already. Even the Mario Kart thing could be due to dummy icons to test the interface.
      But the theme has a too low res. image indeed.
      Also, there are font inconsistencies: same font family but with closed g’s in some added menu text (whereas some used the right font surprisingly). It’s not just font variation because open g’s are consistently used throughout all text levels in the system, also visible in the video.

      1. You make a good point, there are definitely explanations for the YouTube and internet symbols. I’m still not so sure about how Mario Kart could possibly be that small in terms of space (usually if the game is archived, making it a ‘dummy icon’, it would have a little cloud symbol left of the text).

        The theme, as you said, is too low in resolution and the games block the image anyway. If Nintendo add themes, I think they’ll specifically tailor the images to that device – similarly to how they did with the 3DS themes.

        Ah, never noticed that!

        1. You misunderstood what I meant with dummy icon. Dummy icons are tools developer use to load just the icon and some metadata to the system without having to install the complete game. It’s a fake facade to see how the interface works without needing to write a lot of stuff on the system memory (which might have to be done multiple times while testing different firmware versions.) So they use fake games that only contain relevant info.

          That’s completely different than archiving which is a user function. These fake dummy games need to perform that function as well to test the system.

          Yeah, it would be tailor made. Also I didn’t notice the question mark either, someone mentioned it on twitter.. ;-)

          It’s a really well done fake interface, I’m curious what they did…

          1. Ah, cool. Thanks for the explanation! In that case, that makes a lot more sense and probably explains the Mario Kart icon.

            Exactly, the themes should fit perfectly with the layout. Haha!

            You’re right. Whoever did this knew what they were doing. I’m interested to see if a January Direct is announced that will hopefully address some – if not all – of these features for 2018 as the Switch is readied for its paid online service.

            1. It’s a valid explanation yeah.. I still think the font inconsistencies are the biggest problem for the credibility of the video.. If it weren’t for that, I’d have brushed the theme off as test footage as well…
              Can’t get over those different g’s all around though, I don’t see how a properly programmed interface would occasionally choose the wrong font out of the font set..

  3. I wish so much that this wasn’t fake. But it would make absolutely zero sense for Nintendo to add EVERY single feature fans want at one time. Internet browser, YouTube, Netflix, custom themes, cloud storage… those are all very high on the want list of consumers… Nintendo would spread those features throughout different updates… or at least that’s what I think.

  4. I wouldn’t object if they just copied the 3DS’ firmware. It’s pretty much everything it needs to be between the customizable icon sizes and the folders

  5. As much as this would be awesome (and as much as I’d like to believe that since this would be a dev unit, the actual storage would be 64gigs, but when put into “user testing mode” it thinks it has only 32 gigs, thus explaining any weird storage numbers) I agree that there’s just too many new features at once to make it believable.

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