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Nintendo’s Damon Baker Says “I Think You’re Going To Like 2018 As Well”

We have been getting a lot of teasers and hints from Nintendo so far this month, and the rumors of a January Direct have not helped matters. And now we have something to share with you that may excite you even more. Nintendo’s Damon Baker, a few days ago, tweeted to a fan that is still shocked at the indie and third-party lineup that the Switch has gotten in 2017. His said that “I think you’re going to like 2018 as well”. Considering that Baker focuses mostly on indie games, he may be referring to that. However, it is definitely not out of the question that Baker is referring to third-party support for the Switch. It’s even possible that he may be referring to both. Whatever it is, Baker’s tweet can be seen down below.


16 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Damon Baker Says “I Think You’re Going To Like 2018 As Well””

  1. Here’s hoping. I’m seriously on edge waiting for this supposed Nintendo Direct. I just hope there’s some soon to be releases, aside from the re-releases of Bayonetta 1 and 2, or Lost Sphere which we’ll get later this month, that’ll be just as attention grabbing to pick up. I’m getting anxious.

  2. I’m looking forward to this direct.
    And I can’t wait for this years E3.
    Let’s have lots of confirmations and some great new stuff and some, blimey wasn’t expecting that stuff!

    1. I’ve actually tried Shadows of Valentia for the first time today and it’s really good I think i’ve found the game that i’m having as my relaxation game.

  3. My fan prediction for the Switch in 2018:

    Bayo 1+2 in February (duh)
    Project Octopath in Spring/Summer
    Kirby Star Allies in Spring
    Fire Emblem in Spring/Summer
    Yoshi in Summer/Fall
    Pikmin 4 in Fall or 2019
    Wolfenstein in Summer/Fall
    Smash 4 port announced, Summer/Fall release
    Retro’s game announced, Holiday release
    Next Level Games making new Luigi’s Mansion, early 2019 release
    Pokemon Switch properly shown off, either a Holiday 2018 release or Spring 2019 release
    Metroid Prime 4 gameplay, Holiday or 2019 release
    Dark Souls on Switch, 2018 release
    Mario Maker port with new features (or sequel), Summer/Fall release
    Mega Man X1-8 collection(?), Fall release
    Mega Man Legacy 1+2, Spring/Summer release
    Mega Man 11, Holiday release
    Bayonetta 3 gameplay, Holiday release or 2019 release
    Animal Crossing announced, Fall/Holiday or 2019 release
    Virtual Console(?) and the new online service begins in Spring/summer

    Of course this is mostly just a baseless, hopeful prediction. :)

    1. Here’s hoping. Animal Crossing is on my must play list. Along with Pikmin, Metroid Prime 4, Smash Bros, Kirby and the Mega Man X series.

    2. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

      The new Pokemon game will probably release end of 2019 instead of spring 2019, if not the end of 2018. If they continue to follow the pattern that the last 4 main games set by releasing in either October or November.

  4. If everything goes good for me, I may be able to release my game this year, or in beginning of the next one, and then immediately try to join Nintendo Dev program and port it to Switch

  5. I don’t take anything that comes out of Damon Baker’s mouth seriously. This is the same guy that teased “something big” during the time Super Smash Bros Hype was massive only for it to be a port of Minecraft to the Nintendo Wii U. Not to mention this guy is more aligned with the indie scene than the main scene, not saying there’s anything wrong with indie games, some of them are amazing, but the hype for main stream is way bigger.

  6. The Switch Pro for the real home console gamers , with full third party support like PS4,Xbox,PC would be nice for 2018. Time to bring back the glory days when Nintendo was for the gamers instead of the casuals.

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