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Developers Reflect On The Switch Market Amid Rise Of Games On The Platform

With the rush of games being developed for the Nintendo Switch, including new titles, ports and indie titles, developers have been reflecting on the state of the Switch market.

Some developers, such as Blowfish Studios, have reported a higher rate of sales on the Switch eShop as opposed to Steam and other consoles, “It was definitely a good move to port and publish Morphite on the Switch,” said Ben Lee, of Morphite dev Blowfish Studios. “Our game sales for Morphite on the Nintendo eShop have been much higher than other consoles and Steam. It does require more effort to get games on the Switch, but the sales numbers make up for the cost of that effort.”

Others are also claiming that the Switch has been their most successful console so far such as Lizardcube, the developers of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. “It was incredible. The Switch is our most successful platform by far. We went past 100K copies sold on Switch a while ago now.”

Alongside sales being the reasoning for developing games for the Switch, it has also been favored due to it’s portability and unique playing platform. Brian Kwek of Ysbryd Games noted that he wanted to develop for the Switch due to the franchise exclusives paired with the system’s portability, which he said has “really captured a huge swathe of old-school gamers. Momentum is clearly building up for an impressive install base.”

It’s great to see the developers looking at the Switch in a positive light and wanting to market for the platform. Hopefully this will mean that we will see some new titles arriving in the near future, and ports of previous titles from other platforms.



  1. Good to see devs taking a shine and note on the success story of Switch. Dumbasses like Ubisoft, Activision and EA on the other hand, still wanna suck on falsely powerful console box’s cock over microtranactions and graphical boners until the Switch eventually eclipses them and they’ll ask “WTF just happened?”

    1. Well there gona lose out on a lot of sales if they don’t climb on board properly. Switch is obviously moving fast with sales and the fact that you can play off screen and on the move is very attractive for players.
      There’s def gona be more support now.

  2. This is great.
    Companies know that the not so costly indie games etc are a perfect place for the switch and it’s really starting to show.
    Also STILL no direct. Come on Nintendo we are itching

    1. You’re right. In one YouTube video they said that Game Stop said that a Nintendo Direct will be in 45 minutes and it turn out that it was a lie 😩

    1. I think because of all the hype and rumours that have been going on for quite some time that the direct would be Jan 11th, Nintendo havnt confirmed a day or 2 before like usual and may drop the news right before it happens.
      I’ve heard it could be today 2pm ( uk time), but we’ll see

  3. I joined the Nintendo Dev program, but there’s not even a word about Switch, only 3DS and Wii U, absolutely no Switch info of any sort, which kind of disappointed me. I though that Nintendo would be supportive for Switch Nindies, seeing how many developers already released their games on Switch. I hope that they’ll fix that soon enough.

  4. Would anyone be honoured to tell these people that there’s someone whose not getting their hands on a Switch until the Next Official Mario Kart game for it with 16 NEW nitro and Retro Tracks is announced? A game of the most popular Mario Spinoff that we’ve been lucky to have on each and every Nintendo System.

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