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Xenocrisis Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Xenocrisis is an arena shooter in the vein of titles such as Smash TV, Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Shock Syndrome. It’s also being made to run natively on a Sega Megadrive, with cartridges being manufactured for a system which launched in America in 1989. Currently it’s been smashing Kickstarter goals on their fundraising campaign; with one such goal being that the title would be ported to the Nintendo Switch. This means that if you back the campaign for about $14; you’ll be receiving a digital copy of the game you can play on the handheld.

Other backer rewards include a hostage in the game being named after yourself, the chance to design one of the bosses, and even a custom Sega Megadrive. You can check out a complete overview of the title on the game’s Kickstarter page.



    1. You can take it with you.
      It’ll look nicer being outputted through the Switch to your TV.
      The battery for your saves won’t die.
      You can post screenshots of your game experience.
      You can put the game to sleep and come back to it any time.
      I assume it’d be cheaper as well.

    2. Unless you’re either regretting or seeking validation for you pledge, why do you even feel the need to ask such thing here?
      I’m gonna go out on limb here, and assume over 90% of Switch userbase does not have Genesis or one of them retro consoles able to play this game off a Genesis cartridge.
      In short, nobody really cares, so just have fun with the game on what ever platform you end up getting it on.

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