Bayonetta 1 Switch File Size Is Half That Of The Wii U Version

A few weeks ago it was reported that Bayonetta 1 for Nintendo Switch was on track to take up just under 16gb of Switch memory. Now, thanks to a listing on the eShop, the game will use much less memory with the title clocking in at just 8.5gb. The Wii U version had a file size of 17.6gb.



    1. Nintendo file size magic really isn’t a thing. The Switch supports newer compressed texture formats that can get textures at least 11% smaller without quality loss as well as a video compression that’s twice as efficient as what was available to the Wii U. They also have more CPU power and six times as much memory as the platforms it originally came out on so any compression they used originally can use higher compression levels and more memory than before.

  1. Doesn’t matter to me how much space it takes up because I pre ordered the Non stop Climax edition which has both games on a physical card, plus the Climax edition has english support so…. I’m good. I’ll save that data space for something else lol:D

    1. I doubt it. Nintendo knows how to produce games intelligently better than anyone. But at least now we’re seeing more 3rd parties kicking up more effort for the Switch. Dark Souls is at 1080p/30FPS docked.

      1. I didn’t see any confirmation and I doubt the framerate/resolution remained the same when all Wii U ports right now on Switch has significant upgrades. MK8 Deluxe is 1080p/60, Zelda is at 900p from 720p, Pokken as well. Bayonetta will likely be 1080/60 docked.

        1. Different games stress hardware in different ways. For example, it’s only in docked mode that the Switch has a higher texture fill rate than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Switch also doesn’t make a significant bandwidth improvement over the previous consoles so that could be a factor, too. Who really knows. I’m just following what this article says

          Wouldn’t be the first game to this either. I believe Rocket League is 720p in both but they just got rid of shadows and bunch of other effects.

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