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Bayonetta 1 For Nintendo Switch File Size Is Apparently A Little Under 16GB

We already know that Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch will be 12.4GB and now we’ve found out that the original Bayonetta for the Nintendo Switch will be a little under 16GB. When you purchase Bayonetta 2 you’ll receive Bayonetta 1 as a download code to redeem on the Nintendo Switch eShop.



      1. Why not? The max space on the carts ATM is 32GB and it’s more than enough to hold both in a bundle. Why would Gunvolt 1&2 have the luxury to be in one cart but not dual Bayonetta?

        1. Honestly, I don’t know, and wish there was going to be. It’s already been confirmed that America and Europe are going to be getting Bayo 2 physical with a download code for Bayo 1, and Japan Is getting separate game cards for 1 and 2.

        2. Because Nintendo want you to pay up for MicroSD and hopes that you pick their brand. + I bet it isn’t 32GB exactly. It’s probably a little less because of formatting and stuff. But I don’t defend this – I totally agree with you.

          The reason 2 is smaller than 1, is because the end of the game on B1 has a lot more work and are more polished than 2. That would be my guess.

    1. Code doesn’t take up much space. For example, Bayonetta’s code only takes up about 8MB. It’s possible that Bayonetta 2 just has few unique assets than the first one. Though what’s really interesting is that Bayonetta 2 is a little larger than it was on Wii U despite the Switch supporting better texture and video compression. Maybe the Switch version has some better textures?

    1. I did the same thing lol:D
      I refuse to buy the digital version when they easily could have put both on a card by themselves and just sold them separately in the west for those who wanted a physical version. At least I got my Non stop Climax edition lol:D

      1. Too costly and expensive. The only way for you to get Bayonetta 1 is to buy yourself a MicroSD memory card. It’s what you do. Secondly… did you know that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the #1 digital download for a second week in a row in North America?

  1. This is one game that I can’t understand the appeal of (much like with Fire Emblem). I bought it (for more money than it was worth), and tried giving it a chance. But I was so frustrated at the controls and constant button mashing that I said SCREW IT, and stopped playing. Never to return. I also don’t care for games that have stupid looking enemies, and this game has the dumbest looking enemies I’ve ever seen.

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