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The Terraria Devs Say That “Some Work Has Been Done” On The Switch Version

There hasn’t been a lot of news on the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been working on it. In fact, a recent update by the Terraria dev team has confirmed that they have done “some work”. They said that they will “hopefully” have more to share about the Switch version in the “very near future”. Here’s what they said in full:

Once the team gets through the initial hotfixes needed on Console, they will shift their attention to bringing Mobile up to the 1.3 era as well as finally bringing Terraria to the Nintendo Switch. Some work has been done there, but with the foundational codebase now in place, that work can accelerate to full speed! We will hopefully have an update on that timing in the very near future, so stay tuned. Beyond that, the Re-Logic and Pipeworks teams will get together on laying out a cadence for bringing all of the 1.3.X content over to Console/Mobile/Switch moving forward.


15 thoughts on “The Terraria Devs Say That “Some Work Has Been Done” On The Switch Version”

    1. Despite PC being superior in the sense, that it has more power, and greater capabilities, consoles have the simplicity, the uniformity and the large user base.

      Where a PC is more focused on the die hard fans, that want an ultimate experience, consoles allow a consistent platform to work for all. The support for the console is equal, that removes complication from users, and allows them to focus purely on the experience.

      Lots of people play on consoles, for the above reasons, and probably more that I have missed. To say that console experience is cheaper, is missing the point.

      1. }{ You’ve clearly never seen the console version of Terraria… The PC is admittedly vastly superior in all ways to consoles, but here I was specifically alluding to the massive content differences as well as control differences that make the Terraria PC version vastly superior… }{

        1. PC is vastly superior because it can a fucking 2D pixeled Minecraft sidescroller. In other news, Doom 3 is a critically acclaimed technical achievement despite it being the weakest entry in the series.

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  2. Is 1.3 the latest version of Terraria?I remember the Wii U version not being up to date,so I didn’t get the Wii U version,but if the Switch version is up to date and gets all the futur updates I’ll get it for sure

  3. I think I’ll stick to the PC version. I really prefer the mouse and keyboard setup. And seeing as how I tried it on the tablet as well as the 3DS version, I’d rather not quadruple dip.
    Although I must admit, the tablet one I got for free during a Christmas giveaway.

  4. “Some work has to be done”? It’s a fucking pixeled 2D game. How difficult is it to port that shit? I’ve seen so many complexed Shitware games in Switch eShop right now that’s been ported over in no time.

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