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Square Enix President Talks About The Nintendo Switch’s Success

UK news publication The Telegraph recently had the chance to interview Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix. It’s lengthy interview and there are a number of interesting points made. However, what you most likely want to know is how Square Enix has reacted to the success of the Nintendo Switch:

How has the Switch changed how Tokyo RPG Factory would look at developing and designing a turn-based RPG?

I don’t think it has been a massive influence or change on what they’ve been doing, really. It does fit very well with the way they make games and the kind of games they want to make, that’s a very important thing for them.

At the risk of getting the same answer, how has the Switch changed how Square Enix as a whole look at developing and designing games?

(Laughs) We announced this in our yearly results as well, but certainly the really great thing for us is to see how the Switch is selling so well, it’s doing incredibly well, which is nothing but a good thing for us. As a publisher and developer of games, we obviously want to get our games onto as many different platforms as possible, and so obviously having a broad range to choose from can only be a good thing for us, so certainly seeing Nintendo’s hardware selling so well and doing so well, getting our games on that can only be an advantage for the company, so we’re very happy about it. Like I said, it makes our portfolio even more broad and even more bountiful.



  1. Where is Final Fantasy XV they are talking about Nintendo Switch port? I hope they are quiet and surprise us soon. By the way, They just annouce Final Fantasy 7 remake!

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