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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gets New Mysterious Original Character Plus New Costumes

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is getting a brand new mysterious character and new costumes. The news was discovered in a recent scan published online (which you can view below). A new character is teased and is apparently named Fuu. He is thought to be part of the demon clan, but that has yet to be confirmed. The scan also reveals that Goku will be able to obtain a special Journey to the West inspired costume.



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  1. Ya should change this article a bit because besides the fan theory of the character being a scrapped Dragon Ball Online character Fuu there is nothing here. These new costumes are actually for a new mode being added that will allow you to change the preset movesets of characters in the game including unlocking new pieces of clothing that then they will be able to team up with your OC. There also was no mention of the new Team Tag Special Moves in the scan where your partner and you can perform tag ultimate attacks. Didn’t want to come off rude but if you are gonna report on a scan at least look up more information or the dozens of translations that have been on the net for the past week MNN.

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