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Japan: Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud Coming To Nintendo Switch Spring 2018

Phantasy Star series producer Satoshi Sakai and Episode 5 director Hiroki Hamasaki have confirmed to Japanese publication 4Gamer that Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018. The game will be available to play in both handheld and docked mode and will run at a steady 30fps.

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    1. You’re thinking of episode 2, which was rereleased and bundled episode 1 for the Gamecube, after the Dreamcast ended. Both those games and episode III (released much later) are all part of the first game.

      I guess this is similar to how they did Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the next Kingdom Hearts game to how they did everything released after Chain of Memories (“My Sanctuary”).

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      1. Thanks to a Game Informer article, I know Sega went downhill in the 90s when Sega of Japan ignored the very good, sound advice of Sega of America’s CEO at the time. If they actually listened to that guy, we’d probably see a very different landscape today & Sega would probably still be making their own consoles.


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