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Digital Foundry Retro Tackle Donkey Kong Country And Killer Instinct

Digital Foundry has a treat in store for retro enthusiasts as they have taken a look back at the iconic Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct for the Super Nintendo. The team reveal how Rare pulled off their magical feats on the SNES hardware. You can take a look at the dissection of both games, here.

16 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Retro Tackle Donkey Kong Country And Killer Instinct”

        1. I didn’t like the 3rd at all because it’s missing that same ZING that gave the first and especially the second game that memorable magic which made them legendary games although sadly overshadowed by Mario but that’s Donkey Kong’s ultimate fate among Mario’s universe. XP DKC3 didn’t feel the same or different in a good way. Returns felt right at home but I did have one problem: The Kremlings are missing nor mentioned once plus the bosses kinda disappoints and those fucking auto scrolling Rocket Barrel levels, GOD I HATE THEM ALL! Tropical Freeze is everything I wanted in a sequel and difficulty felt just right and David Wise returned to compose which is what won me over; David Wise music from DKC2 is a godsend to my ears. ^_^

  1. I really like DK playing mysteries it’s why Banjo Kazooie is forever N64’s history.

    No old plaformer was ever the same until Rare left Nintendo and became lame.

    Then again why is Rare to blame when it is Microsoft I’m mad at all the same.

  2. I really like Tropical Freeze the best. Finding secrets and never rest. I felt like a pirate looking for treasure chest.

    The music from DK brings back the good old days when music was peaceful and in my head bringing in a craze.

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