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France: FIFA 18 Switch Has Sold 73k And EA Is Very Satisfied

EA has disclosed that its very pleased with FIFA 18 sales on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo France says that it has sold 73,000 units and this doesn’t include digital sales. Nintendo France also says that they are pleased with sales of other third-party titles including Mario + Rabbids, Just Dance, Rayman Legends Definitive Edition and so on.

  • EA is very satisfied of FIFA’s sales.
  • It is expected for the game to sell twice this amount without troubles thanks to the WC.
  • It was a “test match” for the Switch, and the test is passed.
  • New announcements are coming.
  • More generally, every 3rd party publishers that made a serious effort on Switch are satisfied.

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      1. Despite the fact of what happened between Konami and Kojima, this is something that we don’t care since Kojima always worked on Sony and his last work was also exported to the Xbot console.


      1. I know that but EA…of all DOUCHEBAGS, claim this is acceptable. No, they’re just trolling and lying through their wholesome greedy ass to kiss up everybody after the whole NOT Battlefront 2 gambling controversy. I’m not believing or listening a goddamn word out of them.


  1. People seem to invest themselves emotionally when it comes to games and game companies.
    If you only new how little they care about you.
    Buy what you like.
    If you don’t like games or practices of certain companies, then don’t buy their stuff.


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