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Super Meat Boy’s Switch Launch Sales “Came Shockingly Close To Its Debut On Xbox 360 Back In 2010′

Every day, a new sales announcement comes in that indicates just how successful the Switch is. And this trend has not just applied to the Switch hardware, but its software as well. Even games that are nearly a decade old are seeing success, sometimes on a level that they haven’t seen in years. For example, yesterday saw the release of Super Meat Boy on the Nintendo Switch. The game is nearly 8 years old, its original release being on the Xbox 360 in October of 2010. However, Team Meat has announced that the launch sales for the game “came shockingly close” to its 2010 debut. We’ve included their tweets about the matter down below:

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30 thoughts on “Super Meat Boy’s Switch Launch Sales “Came Shockingly Close To Its Debut On Xbox 360 Back In 2010′”

    1. Except EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Konami and somewhat Capcom. BUT, there’s only one we truly don’t want around and that’s EA. Konami is close second.

      1. “Except EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Konami and somewhat Capcom. ”

        They sat out the opening year, which makes sense given the Wii U, and it’s too early to say if they’re going to start supporting the system yet. They could all announce Switch titles at E3. Though I don’t expect anything from Konami, and not much from Capcom. Neither one is particularly interested in making new games.

        1. Well they’re obviously fucking stupid because the Switch was doing so well, even better than their last two consoles. Bethdesa is the smart one out of all of those 3rd party jackasses.

      2. Here’s the problem. It’s not that they were “stupid because the Switch was doing so well,” because it wasn’t yet. Bethesda took a gamble and won, but it was a hell of a gamble. And that’s Nintendo’s fault, not the third parties.

        Now if developers wanted a real title out at Switch’s launch window, they would have had to start developing long beforehand. And beforehand, it was Nintendo asking for developers to make a significant investment on a terrible history of recent sales. Yes, Nintendo has NOW done the work to prove themselves to developers, but it’s going to take at least two years to start seeing the results of that. Game development takes time. If a company decided 6 months post launch that Switch sales were worth developing for, we won’t see a new game until mid generation.

        1. It wasn’t doing well yet? How come it was already breaking records within WEEKS since release and how come NOW it’s doing better than Wii, their last best home console that broke previous records? If that’s not enough reassurance to them, then they are bigger morons than I thought. I had my doubts as well but I took a dive with some confidence when Switch came out. Others that wanna doubt and bash it obviously have bad case of fandom shoved up their asses. The only terrible history was the Wii U and that was just one bad console that gave Nintendo and fans one hell of a wake-up call that was needed. In fact, I wanna put out this example: Xbox One started off so terribly which not even Wii U came close to that level of bad until later and I see third parties kissing ass to the wrong crowd at the wrong time. What about Vita? Oh wait, they were still making more third party games than DS/3DS combined for that piece of failure too. Third parties are purely a bad example of status quo over their bias against Nintendo for a long time, long before PlayStation and Xbox came to be. I get Nintendo made some strange to somewhat dumb decisions to effect this before but, like I said, other companies do it too and they hypocritically accept it like nothing. I’ve been through so many platforms to realize this on top of their typically lazy/greedy nature in designing games and running a business. 3rd parties ain’t no saint either and are likely proven worse than Nintendo time and time again openly. They just love choosing sides over bad blood and easy gains.

          1. If they started development two weeks into the Switch’s launch, it would still be 2019 before we saw any games from them. Starting before launch would have been a risk and investors hate risk. Studios of that size function on data and risk management, not personal vendettas. And that’s because they have an obligation to secure payroll for hundreds of staff and increase their investors’ bank accounts.

      3. Ubisoft is one of our best ally.
        Capcom will give to us Megaman games.
        Konami is probably giving to us Castelvania and also I love Super Bomberman R.
        Activision should talk to doctor Kaplan for bring Overwatch to the Switch.
        EA I don’t care

      4. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

        Actually, Wii U was their second worst system. Wii, though it had over 100 million consoles sold, has one of the worst game attachment rates of any Nintendo system. With 100m consoles sold, the game sales should have been 50, even 100, times better than console sales but they weren’t. A good majority of 3rd party games on Wii sold abysmally. The only ones making any large sums of money on Wii were Nintendo. So 3rd parties had 2 console reasons not to support the Switch on risk alone as they took risks twice before & saw very little in return.

      5. Kalas is absolutely right. I’ve pointed out before that it’s always been the case that the console that sold the most hardware units in a generation also sold the most software units but that wasn’t true that generation. It was the exact opposite. Hardware sales in order from most to least successful were DS, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360. Software sales in order from most to least was Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, then DS.

        As it pertains to the Switch, the only numbers I can find that pertain to switch software sales (at least at retail) suggest that Nintendo’s first party titles make up 80% of all Switch retail software sales which infers all other games make up the remaining 20%. To any of those companies mentioned, that shows yet another Nintendo consoles that’s mainly being supported by Nintendo fans. There’s a lot more to a system’s success than hardware sales.

  1. This is great, BUT we don’t want the switch to be the go to console for all the old games, we gotta get a consistent flow of first party greats from Nintendo and for the 3rd party developers to bring their new games to the console.
    It’s all looking pretty positive at the moment.

    1. We’re still getting new ones and some that are a couple of years old but not considered “old” by timing. Relax. We’re getting Wolfenstein, Prime 4, Dark Souls trilogy and more. Everybody is just porting mostly popular games with a few underrated ones to capitalize the install base potential through Switch since it’s deemed to sell faster than the Wii, Nintendo’s last fastest selling home console and best one in their history.

      1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

        More like their second worst system. Console sales don’t mean jack shit if the game attachment rate is total crap by comparison.

      1. I’m saying that they initially had their doubts which explains why they’re surprised with the end results surpassing their expectations. That’s what I’m talking about.

      2. “I’m saying that they initially had their doubts which explains why they’re surprised with the end results surpassing their expectations. That’s what I’m talking about.”

        Yes, I understood you. You didn’t understand them. There’s no indication anywhere of doubts about the Switch. Matching the launch sales of a game that old would be shocking on any platform.

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