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GameXplain Analysed The Mario Tennis Aces Trailer

The arrival of a new Nintendo Direct brings a bunch of new game trailers, and that means that the team at GameXplain are on the case to examine every single second of it to discover any secrets that may be hidden in the footage. One of the trailers that GameXplain decided to analyse is the reveal trailer for Mario Tennis Aces. In the video description, they said that “we breakdown how the new Power Meters might work, what other regions you’ll visit in Story Mode, plus what other playable characters might appear …including Petey Piranha? We also point out a strange similarities to Ultra Smash”. The video is down below.



  1. I also notice birdo poster to so that means she’s confirmed also but I really don’t care for that part it seems there also pulling characters from Mario sports super star or whatever you called that 3ds title I’m still hoping for Pauline to come

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