Nintendo Switch

Japan: FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Has Officially Overtaken FIFA 18 Sales On PS4

FIFA 18 has been dominate on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here in the west, but in Japan it’s a totally different story. The Nintendo Switch version of the football title has proved to be more popular on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 18 has sold 77,892 copies since launch and the Switch version sold 89,329 copies.




  1. Whatever anyone else thinks, as a football fan I have loved this game. Would I prefer it to have all features that the other versions do?, yes of course, but it doesn’t take away from what is still a very good package and playing it handheld is great.

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  2. I’m starting to think this game has sold better then most people believe. 90k in Japan, 75k in France. Those are huge numbers in a small market (France ).

    I’d like to see world wide sales. Really curious.


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