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Japan: FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Has Officially Overtaken FIFA 18 Sales On PS4

FIFA 18 has been dominate on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One here in the west, but in Japan it’s a totally different story. The Nintendo Switch version of the football title has proved to be more popular on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The PlayStation 4 version of FIFA 18 has sold 77,892 copies since launch and the Switch version sold 89,329 copies.



  1. Whatever anyone else thinks, as a football fan I have loved this game. Would I prefer it to have all features that the other versions do?, yes of course, but it doesn’t take away from what is still a very good package and playing it handheld is great.

  2. I’m starting to think this game has sold better then most people believe. 90k in Japan, 75k in France. Those are huge numbers in a small market (France ).

    I’d like to see world wide sales. Really curious.

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