Nintendo Switch

Enter The Gungeon Version 1.0.2 Now Available On Nintendo Switch

A reasonably large patch is now available for owners of Enter The Gungeon on the Nintendo Switch. The new update brings the game to Version 1.0.2. Here’s the full list of changes as well as details regarding an upcoming patch which is smaller in size and content:

  • Fixed a serious crash caused by a memory leak, particularly on later floors or while entering a fateful hallway.
  • Fixed a bug where some item names would not appear in non-English languages.
  • Fixed a bug where Payday items could not be unlocked by “going loud”.
  • Fixed a bug where the Payday follower who shoots didn’t shoot.
  • Fixed a bug where a secret character’s past could not be completed.
  • Fixed a bug where glass guon stones could be picked up over and over and over and over.
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with notes in co-op play could crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug where picking up two specific guns could cause both to vanish mysteriously.

Note that we’ll have a small hotfix coming in the near future that will fix two specific issues. This will be patch 1.0.3 on the Switch menu but still be game version 1.1.5p1.

  • Fixed an issue with missing characters during the intro animation in Japanese.
  • Fixed an issue where changing controller types could cause some text to disappear from the controller binding menu.



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