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Nintendo’s Labo Project Adds Nearly $1.4 Billion To Nintendo’s Value

Nintendo unveiled Labo last night for the Nintendo Switch and many were initially skeptical but intrigued all the same. Earlier today Nintendo’s worth shot up by 2.4% which means the company is worth a staggering $1.4 billion. Interestingly, The Financial Times caught up with industry analysis David Gibson who said the following today about the product:

“This is exactly the kind of crazy idea that Nintendo are known for which we believe will help expand the company’s audience.” He made the prediction that Nintendo Labo would initially sell somewhere between 1m and 2m units – which is around $45m-$90m in operating profits.

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  1. Not sure that is right? “Nintendo’s Labo Project Adds Nearly $1.4 Billion To Nintendo’s Value” then “Earlier today Nintendo’s worth shot up by 2.4% which means the company is worth a staggering $1.4 billion”… so it added to their value to take them to $1.4bn?

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    1. Well- admittedly neither did I at first. But as I watched the video a 2nd, 3rd & 4th time it made complete sense.

      Nintendo wants The Switch to be MORE than a hardcore/casual gaming machine for adults. Thinking completely out of the box, to me, this LABO is in competition with Legos than SONY & M$.

      Not to mention NINTENDO started out as a Toy Company back in the day. So this makes perfect sense. I love this direction for them because we continue to get our hardcore games while a younger audience can interact with family & create these cut out toys- THAT COMES TO LIFE!

      So, just like they already said. This isn’t necessarily for you or me being a 40’s gamer with grown kids. But there are many adults ALSO clamoring for LABO as well. Besides- I’d rather THIS DIRECTION than bringing back that Tsunami of Shovelware they flooded the Wii with.

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