Nintendo Switch

Portugal: The Nintendo Switch Has Sold More Consoles In 10 Months Than The Wii U Did In 5 Years

Another country has announced Nintendo Switch sales. To absolutely no surprise, it’s another place where that the Switch has outsold the Wii U. We have learned that 20,000 Nintendo Switch units have been sold in Portugal. It doesn’t sound like much, but this is because Portugal is not a big country. The Switch has been able to sell more units in 10 months than the Wii U sold in 5 years. The Switch wasn’t the fastest selling console in Portugal, which is something that the Switch managed to accomplish in Portugal’s neighbor. Nevertheless, the Switch continues to see worldwide success, and it doesn’t look like this success is showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.



  1. This article is so clunky and poorly written 😂 “where that the”; “ this is because Portugal is not a big country”; overt use of “the Switch”. What’s happened to QA on this site?


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