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US: New Pokemon Channel Now Available For Amazon Prime Members

Amazon has launched a new subscription-based channel for Pokemon fans today. For a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, Amazon Prime members who upgrade will get access to a robust collection of video on demand, including seasons 2–5 and 10–16 of Pokemon the Series, as well as four Pokemon movies.

You can check out what’s offer over on the official Amazon page here.

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6 thoughts on “US: New Pokemon Channel Now Available For Amazon Prime Members”

  1. this is complete baloney. If you paid the stupid amazon prime fee you should be entitled to every episode of pokemon and every movie. Not pay extra for select seasons and films. No season 1? that’s everyone’s favorite season.

    1. Why do you come to that conclusion at all? It isn’t as if prime doesn’t more than pay for itself without pokemon. They could not offer this content at all and prime is still underpriced, not overpriced. Pretty importantly though, you have absolutely no idea what they have to pay to host this specific content It could be more expensive than their other prime material.

      You seem to be using the rationale of, “If the world isn’t the way I’d like it to be, clearly someone is trying to cheat me.”

      Sometimes everyone is being completely reasonable and it’s just your expectations that are off base.

    2. This is an Amazon Channel, an additional add-on to the Amazon Prime Video service. Just like how you can pay for HBO, Starz, Anime Strike, Seeso, etc on Amazon, this is a third-party service trying to sell their service on Amazon. Why would the Pokemon Company be obligated just to sell it to you for free?

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