Nintendo Switch

Sales Of ACA NeoGeo Games On The Nintendo Switch Exceed One Million

Hamster Corporation have confirmed today via Twitter that their incredibly enjoyable selection of Arcade Archives NeoGeo titles on the Nintendo Switch have exceeded one million in sales worldwide. We’ve got more Arcade Archives titles heading to the platform and the next is Samurai Showdown II next week.

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  1. Well deserved. All those games are total beast. Got all KoF, AoF and Metal Slug + alot more. The first KoF we got on Switch had framedrops, but got patched out fast. Garou Mark of the Wolves is probably my most played game on Switch after Odyssey and BotW.
    I would rather actually have the Neo Geo AES ports rather than the MVS ports that we get, but I won’t complain over the library Switch gets. Just give us the Real Bout games soon! Lol


  2. I have a small problem with my Joy Con. When playing the left Joy Con, it’s Control Stick will sometimes mess up some. I push it all the way to the right, but, it takes a couple of extra seconds to respond! Help please!


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