Nintendo Switch

Here’s A New Kirby Star Allies Trailer

Nintendo has released an adorable new trailer for their upcoming Nintendo Switch title Kirby Star Allies. The game isn’t out till March but it’s good to see that marketing for the title has already started. The trailer showcases the different enemies that you’ll encounter in the platformer as well as the ones you can play as.



      1. There’s at least 26 abilities in this game. You realize just how many combinations they would have to think of for every single one of them? That would equal hundreds.

        It makes sense for it to mostly stick to the typical elements.


      2. That Crystal Shards mechanic could never have stuck around forever because of simple multiplication. There were 7 regular powers in kirby 64, for a total of 49 combinations. Adding just one power takes you to 64 combinations, and two more to 81. So adding just two powers nearly doubles the work load from Kirby 64. If you wanted universal copy mixing back, you would put a hard limit on how they could ever change the powers in the game again.

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      3. So you’d rather have no combinations at all?
        Or reduce the number of copy abilities to Crystal Shards numbers so they can all be combined?
        I’m just curious, by the way.


  1. A boring trailer though, maybe it shows some aspects that I’m missing out. Still I’m not engaged by it (will buy it anyway, expecially since I have kids).


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