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Nintendo Reconfirms No More Content Updates For ARMS

UK publication Eurogamer managed to catch up with ARMS director Kosuke Yabuki who reconfirmed to the publication that the team have no more plans for content updates for the entertaining fighter. However with balance adjustments and more Party Cash events to come, he hope ARMS players can enjoy the game for years to come.

“After its launch on 16th June, we released several significant free content updates for ARMS, including five new characters, 12 new ARMS, five new stages, collectible badges, and new modes like Party Crash,” Yabuki told us.

“More Party Crash events are on the way, and we’ll continue to make balance adjustments and other small changes to improve the gaming experience, but we currently have no plans for bigger updates.”

“There are also a few things I’d like to highlight personally,” Yabuki continued.

“With the director of the ARMS Laboratory, Dr. Coyle, joining the ARMS Grand Prix, all the ARMS fighters have finally got together!

“Because of our commitment to ongoing updates since launch, we feel we’ve reached a point where the strengths and weaknesses of fighters are generally balanced, making for some really exciting battles.

“We will definitely continue to make balance adjustments, as well as run more Party Crash events. Everyone on the development team hopes that players over the world can enjoy ARMS for many years!”




  1. Arms is a good game on a good system with a good director and a good premise. In a perfect world a weapon would have new ammunition forever, but this weapon has had a good run and will remain effective into the future.


  2. Come on, Ninty- there are still a lot of fighters y’all could make. Hell, I have a few ideas.

    -A cowboy with rope ARMS, with an ARMS called the Flintlok- punch once to load, and then again to fire a small but fast bullet, with a charged punch shooting a slightly larger bullet; the Rattler, which resembles a viper, functions like the Dragon/Ice Dragon, and can poison opponents; and the Lasso, which does little damage if it hits but, if it collides with an opponent’s punch, it will hold their ARM there for a short time, rendering both fighters unable to attack with those ARMS until it lets go or one fighter gets knocked down. He has the ability Duelist, which, (for example), in team battles or in 3 or 4 player FFAs, whichever opponent he is locked onto can only lock onto him as well, they cannot change targets- targeted opponents also cannot target things such as Hedlok in Hedlok Scramble. He is also very quick and covers more ground than other fighters do when moving in a direction when getting up from a knockdown, so he is still viable in a 1-on-1 where target switching does not occur.

    -A sailor with squid tentacle ARMS, with an ARMS called the Splotcher, which blinds the opponent with squid ink when charged; the Anchor, heavy ARMS that become larger when charged (think of them as a heavy Funchuk but without a stun); and the Trawler, which has no ability but has a wide area of attack (being a net and all). His/her ability is Sucker Punch, which makes charged attacks pull an opponent towards him/her (squid tentacles = suckers to grip onto things)- this means even ARMS that usually knock opponents away such as those with Fire, Wind, or Explosion abilities will knock them in the direction of the sailor fighter.

    -A hacker/programmer with copper wire ARMS, with an ARMS called the Firewall (a Clapback/Guardian clone with the Fire ability); the Crasher, which looks like a CD and functions like a Ramram/Chakram with the Blind ability (think the infamous “blue screen of death”); and the Bandwidth, which functions like a Slapamander/Slamamander with no abilities but has a wider attack range when charged (twice the size of the Slap/Slam). His/her ability is Hack, where when he/she knocks the opponent down with an attack, the opponent cannot dash or jump for a few seconds (essentially, they cannot charge up; Spring Man and Max Brass permacharge abilities are the exception).

    (side note: if this fighter is a child, it could lead to a Party Crash theme “Whiz Kids” Mechanica VS {Programmer])

    -An insect-themed fighter whose ARMS are spider silk, with ARMS called the Scrawler, similar to the aforementioned Trawler with a smaller area of attack but makes up for it by doing Poison damage when charged; the Bugbite, which looks like a caterpillar, functions like the Scorpio, and can stun when charged up; and the Hivefive, which is a five-shot multi-shot ARMS that looks like a beehive and fires in a star shape, but does the lowest amount of damage for a multi-shot ARMS. She has the ability Creepy Crawly, which allows her to stick to walls or obstacles by air-dashing into them, and can even quickly crawl around on them for a short time, but cannot attack until she gets off.

    -An Eskimo fighter with wool ARMS, with ARMS called the Triblizzard, which functions like the Tribolt/Triblast but with the Ice ability; the Frostbite, which resembles a wolf, functions like the Scorpio, and has the Ice ability when charged; and the Windbreaker, which appears and functions like the Whammer/Kablammer but is only medium weight and has the Wind ability when charged. Having lived in an extreme environment all of his/her life, he/she has the ability Resilience- when charged, he/she is not affected by the effects of charged attacks (won’t be knocked down by fire, frozen by ice, blown away by wind, etc.).

    -An ape man fighter with tree vine ARMS, with ARMS called the Trapamander, functions like Slap/Slamamander but with a stun ability; the Grasso, which functions identically to the aforementioned Lasso which can’t hold an opponent’s attack for as long but has the Wind ability when charged; and the Musher, which functions like the Revolver/Retorcher but has the Blind ability by splashing berry juice into the opponent’s view. Has the ability Whiplash, so if he/she has only thrown out one of his/her ARMS, by dashing on the ground, he/she can fling himself/herself to where the fist was instead of it coming back to him/her, drastically moving his/her position.

    -A demolitions expert with ARMS made of fuses like those you’d see on dynamite. His ARMS are the Bomberang, a Boomerang/Coolerang with the Explosion ability; the Kiloton, which functions like the Megaton/Megawatt but with the Explosion ability; and the Hotshot, which appears as a rivet gun and fires five multi-shots in a star shape like the aforementioned Hivefive and has the Fire ability. His ability is shockwave- when he lands from a jump without attacking, he creates a shockwave that pushes opponents away and will disable any incoming ARMS that it hits within a small radius around him.

    Unless they want to save these guys for ARMS 2…

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