Nintendo Switch

Europe: Rocket League Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch Now Available

The official Rocket League Twitter account has informed fans that the incredibly popular game is now available physically in Europe. You can purchase Rocket League Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch at your favourite retailer. Pricing may vary. The team have detailed what it contains and you can view that below:

  • Rocket League Full Game

  • Supersonic Fury DLC Pack

  • Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC Pack

  • Chaos Run DLC Pack

  • Aftershock DLC Car

  • Marauder DLC Car

  • Esper DLC Car

  • Masamune DLC Car

  • Customization Items inspired by DC Comics’ The Flash

  • Limited Art Print by Psyonix Concept Artist, Jay Zhang


    1. Actually, I did the math before I opened mine and it’s a fair deal. Think about it: It comes with DLC packs almost rounded to $15 including a few exclusive Switch DLCs and themes other versions don’t have and it’s a physical copy. $40 is a fair deal, trust me.


      1. Yeah, ON SALE. Not full retail price and like I said, I did the math and there’s only a difference of $0.7 to $0.10 plus you’re paying for a physical copy with $18-25 resale value. So no, digital is not cheaper.


    1. Same here. That’s why I waited and it’s a good deal to include DLCs without sounding like it’s overpriced but I fear some people are gonna think that it is when they see the digital is $20 like every other version. But if they were smart and did the math on it’s included DLCs on top of having a few more exclusive content and being a physical release, $40 is a good deal.


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