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Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Thoughts On Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Source Gaming has recently been hard at work translating a new article by Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai. Sakurai says that he spent his New Year’s vacation completing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch and throughly enjoyed it. He picks up on some key points about the massive JRPG and you can read some of his thoughts below:

Sakurai cleared Xenoblade Chronicles 2 during his New Year’s vacation. He had to dedicate a lot of time to it because of the immense amount of content, but says having so much to do also creates a real sense of growth and development….

Sakurai praises the game’s sprawling world, unique story and rich soundtrack. He thinks the map’s use of high and low terrain and its variety of areas makes it great for an open world game….

From a developer’s perspective, he considers Xenoblade 2 a considerable achievement. Says Monolith Soft’s assistance to Breath of The Wild’s development might have improved their own open world know-how….

It took him a really long time to play, but for open world games, big is the right way to do it. He thinks the feeling of freedom, doing things in the order you like and going on adventures with your crew is an essential aspect of open world games.

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36 thoughts on “Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Thoughts On Xenoblade Chronicles 2”

      1. I’d actually like to see Tora and Poppi as fighters. They’d make a good duo team and would honestly be a more creative pick than another amine swordsman like Rex/Pyra. Nia would be cool to, but I can’t picture a full moveset with her.

    1. he likes to keep aspects of the game, so we could see a driver with a blade, with a possibility of switching between blades (but doubtful as there are too many to choose from)

      1. Yeah. I would expect to see the affinity thing in there. The closer the driver is to the blade, the stronger the smash attacks will be or something along those lines. Meaning the character will have to be a duo, and since Tora and Poppi are the smallest and most compact in the entire party, I see them the likely candidates.

      1. Can’t tell if joking or……

        If you actually are serious, it isn’t remotely sexist. The implication is that having a girl with ridiculously oversized sexual characteristics would objectify women. Keeping her out of the game would be a way to *avoid* the appearance of sexism.

        If you were joking. Nevermind, I retract everything.

      2. I mean, I’m not the one who made her breasts twice the size of her head and shoved her in a tasteless little outfit. That was the designers of the game.
        I think her design is really bad, sorry you think that’s sexist.

      3. “sorry you think that’s sexist.”

        I don’t. I was arguing that removing her wasn’t sexist. If there were a man who were comically absurdly enormous downstairs and it was visible in every scene, I doubt he’d make the cut for smash bros. either.

      4. “The implication is that having a girl with ridiculously oversized sexual characteristics would objectify women. Keeping her out of the game would be a way to *avoid* the appearance of sexism.”

        Are you shitting me!? Her boobs are no bigger than Samus Aran’s, and SHE gets to be in Smash Bros.!
        Also they aren’t twice the size of her head, they’re about the same size. You need glasses.

  1. Expect 4 characters of Xenoblede Chronicles in Smash 5. I hope there are more people working on the inclusion of new characters to give us good surprises.

  2. I agree with him except that the open world is far less optimized than BotW’s world and still adheres to the old style of open-world building. Many places are frustratingly blocked from crossing or reaching, even if it’s just a little step or rock, you need to find away around it. Also the world map is messy. There is a lack of overview since there are only segmented maps, often places indicated with names in quests are not represented on the map so you have no clue where to look. Except if the quest marker is active, and then you start just running after a marker again instead of looking for a place more freely and experiencing the world that way like in BotW. I could hi on but it should be obvious that XC2’s world, while being fantastic and imaginative, is no such technical achievement as Hyrule in BotW.

  3. Great game! Bring Rex and Pyra (etc. ;P) to Smash. Final Smash is already spelled out in the later chapters… Man, that was hard to tip-toe around spoilers and still say what I was getting at!

    1. You answered your own question as to why it can’t be a final smash. It is a very, very long game and it is a major point to the plot revealed towards the end. If it is a spoiler that you can’t say in a comments section, then what difference is it if it gets revealed to tons of more people in the form of a final smash. I think that, if Rex is in smash, they would make Burning Sword/Sacred Arrow for Pyra/Mythra respectively, since it is their level IV special. Either that or just copy what Shulk does and have a chain attack.

  4. Just to let all of youse guys know… Sakurai isn’t working on a new Super Smash Bros. game for the Switch. Instead, he’s working on a brand new project.

    1. And honestly, I’m okay with that. At this time, I would prefer Sakurai does NOT direct the next Smash (and you know Switch will get it at some point), as Sm4sh was definitely held back in many places (Ice Climbers being cut from both games despite them working on Wii U, no story because “the cinematics will be leaked online thus dampening the experience when you play”, Smash Tour *shudders*, I could go on a bit more). Smash needs new blood at the lead.

  5. I just hate how anime-tropey this game is. I couldn’t take a lot of scenes serious and it became very, very predictable. It got easier and easier to tell what would happen next as you progressed. The ending wasn’t satisfying for me either. I’m not even going to talk about the English dub because we ALL know how bad that is (I am not saying it is unplayable or whatever with English dub. I played the whole game in English dub, but there is a clear lack of quality compared to the Japanese dub. Nia’s voice acting is a perfect and consistent example of that throughout the game. However, I blame the voice director and not the voice actors because it’s clear he/she did not tell the voice actors what the hell is going on in some of the game’s scenes. He more than likely told them to just say the words without giving context because of language barriers and rushing to meet he December 1st release date).

    All in all, it’s a good game, but it is miles behind Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and Xenoblade Chronicles X (the story for X was at least interesting and got very dark later on in the game, with a lot at stake in certain boss fights. Even though the MC was an irrelevant character all throughout, the story and fast-paced combat made up the game for me…oh, and the mechs were cool, too).

  6. Would be nice if Sakurai actually worked on a Switch Game himself sooner or later. Long with Nintendo Characters coming together, Smash Bros. is the only time it can happen, and whether or not Sakurai partakes in the franchise’s future, a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character should appear. I hope this Potential Smash 4 Port won’t discourage an eventual New Smash Bros. game for the Switch.

  7. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Since the reigns of Smash will go to someone else, I wonder what the hell Sakurai is working on these days. Guess we’ll just have to wait & see… Like with everything else coming from Nintendo for Switch, like what the hell will paid online bring other than what they’ve seen fit to tell us.

      1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

        One day Sakurai is going to stop making Smash games (if Smash 4 wasn’t truly the last time) & Nintendo will find someone else to take over. It’s obvious the reigns will go to someone else when that day comes just like it did with Mario & Zelda.

          1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

            For me, it’d be nice if we can get both. Along with a story mode again. Either way, only time will tell.

            1. Well, for me, the lack of anime characters is what set the smash series apart from all other fighting game series sans MK. It gave a much wider form of variety whereas most of the new characters were just anime sword wielders. I personally detest the overwrought and underwritten style that anime and JRPG style stories tend to have, and therefore I tend to dislike their likewise very flashy and doll like characters, and their move sets are more limited the more of them appear as opposed to more interesting and zany characters like G&W or Charizard having move sets that they couldn’t possibly do, which would make the game less different and therefore less fun for me, which in turn destroys what smash was all about, being different and fun. So for me, making Super Smash Bros. Dissidia would kill the whole series.

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