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Xenoblade 2 Version 1.3.0 Is Coming ‘Mid-February’ And Contains New Game+

Takahashi of MonolithSoft has confirmed that the huge JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be updated to Version 1.3.0 in mid-february. The update contains the New Game + Mode. Here’s what we know so far as translated by Reset Era member, Miller:

“Hello, everyone. I’m Takahashi of MonolithSoft.
In this, my first production note of 2018, I start with a bug report.
In update v1.2.0, in the middle of chapter 7, there is a bug wherein a Blade synchronized with a certain Driver will not be displayed on the Blade List in specific circumstances. (Not being displayed does not mean that the Blade has disappeared.)
This glitch was introduced as a result of changes made in preparation for the upcoming ‘New Game +’ mode to be implemented when v1.3.0 launches mid-February.
A fix to this bug will also be included in the v1.3.0 update.
Although this will be inconvenient for about half a month,
I ask that you please be patient and know that this is still in active development.
Additional information regarding the contents of v1.3.0 will be shared as we approach its release.”

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