Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Has More New Peripheral Hardware Devices Planned For Switch

We found out a couple of weeks ago about the interesting new Labo concept for the Nintendo Switch which is coming in April and now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company has more new peripheral hardware devices planned for the console. No doubt they will be as equally wacky and exciting as Labo.

People familiar with the development plans said new peripheral hardware devices for the Switch are planned, without elaborating.




  1. I missed the days of great Nintendo peripherals such as the E-Reader, Gameboy Player, Transfer Pak, GBA/GameCube Game Link Cable and so many more and now we will finally see those days return! 2018 is truly a great time to be alive!

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      1. What is SCD? If it’s just a performance booster while I wouldn’t be against the idea I’d rather have the kind of out of the box accessories that only Nintendo would think to do for example the bongo controllers for the GameCube game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat or as I previously mentioned the Gameboy Advance E-Reader where you scanned in cards for special content kinda like Amiibos but in my opinion better


      2. People really need to let go of the SCD idea. That would only ever increase CPU by giving it large tasks to do while the Switch CPU is doing something else. It’s not the same as adding cores or overclocking. And the only way it could enhance its graphics is if the SCD included its own GPU and about 4GB of memory, bypassed the internal GPU, used the Type-C port like a PC-Express bus for that GPU, and only used the internal memory for CPU tasks and to stream textures to the GPU.

        The SCD would have like 90% of what would allow it to be a standalone console and cost about as much.


  2. A Gamepad that adds second screen options incoming? Let’s hope it’s cheaper than what it costed to replace a Gamepad for Wii U.

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    1. I’d love that but I doubt it. If they made it to do what the gampad can do then it would pretty much look exactly like the Switch and include another WiFi module, another set of speakers, a small h.264/h.265 decoder/encoder, a mic, front facing camera, and battery so it would be kind of weird having this thing that looks like an upgraded version of the console but it empty by comparison. Plus that would have significantly more tech packed into it than the dock and Nintendo already charges $90 for those.


    1. I would like bigger Joy-Cons period. Or at least better straps that add more girth. Hm. Then again, better straps that add more girth would probably be much better as they’d be cheaper to buy than a brand new, bigger Joy-Con.


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