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Nintendo President Says Company Can Compare Switch To Wii Once They Broaden Ways To Play

Japanese Nintendo has recently translated an interview with Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima talking to the Nikkei. The publication asked Kimishima whether the company thinks the Nintendo Switch, released in March 2017, can overtake the Wii. Kimishima believes it can if the company finds ways to broaden the way players play the system and therefore expand the user base.

Nikkei: The Wii which was released in 2006 surpassed 100 million total sales. Can Switch be expected to sell more than Wii?

Kimishima: We can compare the numbers in around two years after release. In the first year we’ll have game fans and Nintendo fans buy it. For the second year and beyond, it’s important to create a structure to make released games playable even further. If we can broaden the ways to play and the customer base, I think we’ll be able to compare it with Wii.


27 thoughts on “Nintendo President Says Company Can Compare Switch To Wii Once They Broaden Ways To Play”

    1. So you are saying that 2nd screen gameplay support is coming to Switch? Do you have a source for this? I really love 2nd screen gameplay on the WiiU and hope it gets implemented on the Switch as well.

    2. The second screen mechanics is permanently done for since A. Pii U is DEAD and B. Switch is effectively replacing the 3DS/DS family so it’s not gonna happen. If NOT Star Fox 1/64 gets the unfortunate pass for Switch re-release, it better not force that God awful motion controls, get rid of the dumbass Gyro copter and add back the damn multiplayer. Zero is a terrible SF64 downgrade which is already the same game as the first…done 3 times.

            1. I would like to see Star Fox 2 remastered in a much better graphical feat, gameplay and multiplayer than Zero. Also, WTF Nintendo call the SF remake #2 “Zero” when it’s the first game of the series and why remake the game twice?

  1. This tells me that they rather unfortunately don’t really understand the Wii’s success. It isn’t about the novelty of different modes of interaction, it’s about lowering the barrier to entry for games in general. “Hardcore” AAA titles on most platforms demand you understand systems common to gamers, but have been built over decades and are quite complex to the uninitiated, on top of dozens upon dozens of hours to get any significant sense of progress. Titles like Wii sports flipped this on its head by creating a game that someone who’s never touched a computer before can pick up and play and get somewhere in less than 5 minutes. “New” ways to play isn’t the key. Ways everyone can play without diminishing the core experience is the key, and that’s a software issue, not a hardware one.

    1. He said they need to broaden the appeal of the switch beyond simply catering to gamers to reach Wii levels of sales. That could well include creating things that do what you say so I don’t know why you’ve gone off on one saying they don’t understand what made the Wii a success. I’m sure they are much more aware of that than you anyway.

  2. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    How about we try & make the Switch be the best damn Switch that it can be instead of trying to be another copy of the Wii, eh? I want Switch to be compared to the SNES, N64, & even the Gamecube; just with much better sales than them.

    1. making the switch the best it can be DOESNT INCLUDE making the switch the best it can be

      your insisite to insanity AMUZES ME so expanding the switch to new things making it better is not expanding te switch and making it better IM CONFUZING MY SELF NOW you lot me dude

        1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

          You… You’re not worth it anymore. Good luck with holding your grudge against Sasori, kid.

            1. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

              Honestly, I don’t care why you are doing this charade of being someone you’re not anymore. At the end of the day, it’s still immature regardless of why you are doing it.

  3. Year 1.. Release great games
    Year 2.. Turn the Switch to a toy
    Year 3.. Create games for girls and grannies
    Year 4.. Release even greater games
    Year 5.. Switch sells 120m units.

    I haven’t seen a more elaborate plan than this since Rogue 1

  4. Let’s focus on creating more innovative play in the games themselves, and Switch can leave the Wii in the dust. If we get 1 or 2 BOTW or Odyssey caliber games per year, Switch won’t need to be compared to any system. It will be in a class that only really the NES can claim to.

  5. We don’t need different ways to play. I have my Pro Controller. I’m set for the remainder of the Switch’ life-span. Nothing tops that amazing Pro Controller. Just started Super Mario Odyssey, and it’s amazing how fluid, responsive and comfortable the Pro Controller is. I wish I could play an Assassin’s Creed game with this controller. Though I have no complaints about the PS4 controller (aside from the share and options buttons being too close to the giant rectangle button).

    Different ways of playing often results in games being watered down and not nearly as fun (and being nothing but a gimmick). Like with the Wii’s motion controls. It was very different, and many games suffered from it. Some even skipping the Wii altogether.

  6. Here is the thing everyone is missing here. Nintendo is looking to broaden the horizon. They themselves are looking to bring in more of the casual audience.

    The thing that sets the Switch apart from the Wii is motion controls are not a mandatory for Nintendo or third parties.

    With the Wii everyone was trying to capture the casual audience attention. The Switch does not have this barrier for game developers to overcome. Third parties can create the games they want to on the Switch (minus some technical differences).

    Nintendo was very smart in how they built the Switch. Not only are Nintendo games made with everyone in mind but for the first time so was the hardware.

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