Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online Will Launch In September 2018

One of the remaining questions for the Nintendo Switch has been the fate of the console’s paid online service. Nintendo has been largely quiet about it lately. The good news is that this silence has been broken. Nintendo has confirmed that Nintendo Switch Online will launch in September of this year. The announcement came via Twitter, so the tweet has been included for you down below.




      1. So charging $60 elsewhere for basic usage while Steam does it free is okay but Nintendo charging 1/3 of the price and people freak the fuck out? Their online is nowhere near as PSN level of bad. Review 2011 hack to see what I mean.

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  1. We’ll probably get more info soon or near launch of the service. But to know when it’ll be happening is relieving in a sense.


    1. They might incorporate the My Nintendo Rewards as an achievement system you actually rewards you for playing the game and can get an incentive out of it. No amount of dumbass Live or PSN trophies can excuse that.


    1. They freak out over the fucking price which is 1/3 of what Live and that crappy ass PSN charges. Goes to show how A. Cheap and B. Dumb as fuck those morons can be.


      1. Don’t be an asshole dude some people may do it solely because of having low income, bills/taxes to pay. Just because you may have a disposable income (maybe your parent’s) is fine but when you’re living in your own place with bills and responsibilities then come back and say what you said.


      2. good point but i can see a few people either only playing offline or returning the console maybe not everyone but im sure there will be a few not using the online once you pay for it.


      1. That is what you call absolute cheap and dumb as dogshit. (Not you) But who the fuck complains about $20 versus $60 since 2001 and now wanna say paid online subscription is a problem?


  2. A release date is good & all but I want bloody details of what paid online entails. If I don’t like what I hear, I’m out til Nintendo has online that doesn’t suck.


    1. I want a legit universal chat system in place while getting rid of that goddamn mobile app plus restoring Miitomo service solely for the Switch, an achievement system tailored for My Nintendo so we can earn free/discounted stuff through their site by playing the game for metals, cloud storage/backup/transfer is a must for saves (except exploitative content like Pokemon to prevent cheating).


  3. Maybe they were waiting for this before starting their Virtual Console. After all, they are planning to implement classic NES games, with online multiplayer, to go with the paid service. I got a good feeling about this. And let’s not forget about the rumors about Mother 3 all the way back when the system was first coming out.


  4. 20$ for nothing
    And if u gonna say “its only 20$”
    its 20$ for I remind u nothing.
    If u gonna say “well we have to wait and see what are we getting for it, I bet its something awesome”
    U r delusional, it will be at the level of Splatoon 2 voice chat. Nintendo sucks at online, thats just a basic fact of life

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    1. At least make a good point. It’s not nothing. It’s for access to classic games online, discounts on other games, and for servers. You’ll get a new classic game every month. Just think of it as a dollar per game and then $8 to play them and other games online. And if you don’t like it then don’t pay for it and don’t use it. But I’m pretty sure you can skip eating out a few times each year to make up for the $20.

      Whine less. Look on the bright side more. I promise you your life will be more enjoyable if you do.

      And if you really are so passionate about trying to have some influence on this, contact Nintendo or start a petition.


    2. I actually agree with this…
      Nintendo has always been amateurs when it comes to any sort of online infrastructure — they have not done anything that reassures me or diverges my doubts — thus why, I too, think this subscription service will offer little to nothing, at least until Nintendo actually deflects doubts. ;/


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