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E3 2018 Is Getting A New Website

The official E3 website is getting a fresh overhaul soon and hopefully it’ll be improved over the previous website. There’s no information regarding what new features the site will include, but all we know is it is coming soon. Registration for E3 2017 began February 13, 2017 so registration time is looming for this year’s event.

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  1. To be real, for me, I’m not watching another E3 again since 2015 and IDC if last year blew me away AFTER it was done while watching with no anticipation, I’m not falling for it again like in 2015 and the whole disgusting Pii U era.

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      1. Again, you don’t get it. That year is what destroyed my expectations for me so I’m not going for the same disappointment again by just waiting after it’s done and then watch them like I don’t give a fuck until so.ething does surprise me. IDGAF if it’s the Switch 2.0 in 2020, I’m not falling for it again.


      1. Seriously, cut the crap. I’m not forgetting what an embarrassing shitshow that was and correction, it’s not even 3 years ago exactly. Not yet.


      2. No, it makes me smart enough not to fall for it and look like an entitled prick anyway. I was called that after I saw and criticized the shit out of Federation Force. Got my last laugh out of that one.


    1. E3 17′ wasnt that hype, but with Switch Online finally rolling out, I hope they announce bigger titles besides just Kirby and Yoshi, Metroid 4 and Dark Souls are my top 2 but I hope to be surprised


      1. Crash Trilogy and possibly GTA5 ports are probably confirmed since their leaks were just “removed” but not denied. That’s good, plus the other two Dark Souls will be remastered for Switch eventually, Bayonetta 3 is coming, rumored CoD 2018 is coming.


      1. What you call “negative”, I call being realistic. I’m no longer dreaming about the impossible BS rainbow happiness and see the world as it is and try to improve on that by tackling challenges and wrongs, not to bend over and take it when it’s unnecessary. As for this subject, I’m not watching another E3 and I have my reasons. 2015 disaster is the point, I’m not setting myself up to be blindsighted with fanboyism and get disappointed again.


  2. Hype! Can’t wait for the Metroid Prime 4 trailer that is likely to be in E3 this year! We may also have a 2D Zelda since it has been like 3 or more years since A Link Between Worlds which sold well.

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