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Here’s Some Info About The Regions And Characters In Project Octopath Traveler

Square Enix has already done well to address some of the feedback when they released a video telling fans the improvements they’re making following the result of the demo being available to play on Nintendo Switch. Now, more information has been revealed in relation to two of the regions you’ll be able to visit in the game. Also, thanks to Japanese gaming website 4Gamer, we can learn more about two of the characters as well.

Character info:

  • Olberic, the warrior. A knight from a lost country, in search of a purpose in life. A 35 year old man, drawn to a village in the Highland region (located in the mountains). He used to be known as the “Vigorous Knight”, but following a war, he lost both his King and the country he loved. His high attack power makes him perfect for offense, though he can also protect his allies by acting like a human shield for them;
  • Primrose, the dancer. A former member of the nobility, who is looking for the man who killed her father, in order to exact revenge. A 23 year old woman making a living as a dancer in the red light district of the Sunland region. But she’s no plain dancer: she’s actually the daughter a prominent noble family: the Ezelarts (official English name TBC). Her job as dancer is just a front: her real goal is to find the man responsible for her father’s death. In battle, Primrose uses dances to support her allies, and grant them various bonuses (stats, etc.). Some of her dances allow her to attack enemies directly.

Region info:

  • Highland region: located in the southeastern part of Orsterra, that basically consists of mountains. For over 200 years, that region was controlled by the Hornburg Kingdom, but that kingdom was brought to ruin by a civil war 8 years ago. After that, the remaining Lords fought in order to get control of the region, with skirmishes between them continuing to this very day. Since it’s located in steep mountains, the main industry is the cultivation of vegetables and fruits for dairy. But with the advent of parchment paper, the region become known for producing paper using high-quality timber;
  • Sunland region: located in the southern part of Orsterra, that mostly consists of a desert. Twelve tribes continuously fought over the control of a small oasis, but over 100 years ago, the Yashum Clan (based in the town of Marsalim) managed to put an end the endless conflitct by uniting the tribes, and creating the Triberia Kingdom. Nowadays, the people vote to decide from which clan the next King will be from. The current King is one Karim, from the Yashum Clan.

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  1. “. . .she’s actually the daughter a prominent noble family: the Ezelarts (official English name TBC).”

    No no, keep Ezelart- that sounds cool, I like it already.

    From what little I played of the demo from awhile back, I’m looking forward to this.

    Liked by 2 people

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