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Rise & Shine Dev Working On Bringing Game To Switch But Progress Is “Hanging On A Thread”

Developer Super Mega Team has revealed on Twitter that they’re working on bringing Rise & Shine to Nintendo Switch. The frantic 2D platformer was made available on PS4, Xbox One and PC under a month ago but it would seem as though the dev could be running into some issues bringing it to Nintendo’s latest console. I’ve reached out to Super Mega Team and asked them to elaborate on the situation and will update this post accordingly if I hear back. The game is being published by Adult Swim Games.

Update: The developer has responded with the following:

Here’s a trailer for the title:

Thank you ContraNetwork for the heads up!



  1. }{ Unsurprising… For as much as people on here like to assault developers by saying they have no excuse for not just easily porting their game as other devs have been able to do, they need to recognize that every program is written differently, and as such some will have substantial difficulty spikes when you attempt to perform a change as major as a hardware shift due to the technology used when writing the game initially… }{

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    1. Honestly, as a dev, with Unity it really should be the exception to not be able to port with relative ease. We don’t know what plugin is giving him trouble, but under normal circumstances it isn’t all that difficult. That’s one of the arguments for Unity after all.

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      1. I mean, this isn’t the first time a Unity port has had Unity-specific issues with the Switch. Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Yookah Laylee we both delayed due to issues with Unity (Battle Chasers still hasn’t come out as a result).


  2. It’s a known thing that Unity for Switch has a lot of issues. That’s where Unreal Engine thrives.
    Even Hollow Knight had to be delayed cos of these same compatibility issues.
    I hope Unity can fix this quick so porting would be easier.


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