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Nintendo Gives 20 Leaf Tickets To Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Players As An Apology

Nintendo is currently giving all Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp users 20 Leaf Tickets to use as a way of an apology. The reason everyone will get the Leaf Tickets is that there were some technical difficulties during Lottie’s event. To get the special bonus all you need to do is visit your mail box in the app and you should have 20 Leaf Tickets as way as an apology for the issues.





    1. *sees if the points in Sony Rewards remain in your account indefinitely* Fuck! They expire in 15 months! *right eye twitch* Then again, it’s better than the 6 month expiration for coins in My Nintendo. Of course, points should remain indefinitely til you use them. Least GameStop does it right with no expiration date for their points as long as you buy at least one thing from their stores or online site within 12 months.


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