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Rumour: Call Of Duty 2018 Could Be Black Ops 4 And Might Be Coming To Switch

Rumours are swirling around that the next game in the Call of Duty franchise is Black Ops 4 and could be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. The news was picked up by Marcus Sellars who VG247 says was correct in predicting Labo and Dark Souls for Nintendo Switch. As always this is a rumour, so we shall just have to wait and see.

COD 2018 is Black Ops 4 and is coming to PS4/Xbox/PC/Switch. It is set in the modern times and is boots on the ground. The Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble and motion controls. The Switch version is also being ported by a company which is familar with COD games.




  1. Well, this is one of the three franchises that still seem to be what determines if “hardcore gamers” decide if a console has sufficient third party support, so just to shut those people up, I hope it’s true. With Nintendo’s great relationship with Ubisoft, I suspect another franchise that completes the “third party support is sufficient” wouldn’t be far behind.

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  2. Even so people with multiple consoles will still not buy it on the switch , other versions got a superior online community , more competitive better friends list ect. , superior controllers and better graphics. And before anyone brings up the portable part hardcore Cod players or any shooter for that matter don’t give a shit about portable cause they already have a sick television and sound system at home / PC.

    “Hardcore gamers” as you call it decide if a console has sufficient third party support, if a console has simular support to ps4/xbox/pc cause they get all the major titles that you wan’t to play as a gamer. Weather you , me or anyone else for that matter cares about certain games is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that these games are available. I don’t give a shit about cars for example , but do recognize why Gran Turismo gets a 9 or a 10 , even though I will never buy or play it myself.

    No matter what you people say to defend yourselfs or Nintendo this is what Nintendo used to offer in the 80’s and 90’s a full range of games like the Playstation and Xbox have been doing since there release. All of this can be blamed on Nintendo’s past choices cause they used to rule the market back than when they gave it all away.

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    1. Triggered much? It’s just a video game coming to a successful video game platform. You might want to reevaluate the things that are most important to you. Just some friendly advice.

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    2. Was there a point to that rambling? You really need to work on your grammar and punctuation. Your point gets completely lost in how atrocious it all is. I’m guessing you got triggered by my “hardcore gamer” comment, so I guess you just suck at thinking when you are mad.

      Nobody was defending anything, just stating that the Switch has plenty of third party support, but snobs like yourself seem to believe it only counts when GTA, AC and COD show up. And apparently when they do, you act like it’s pointless with ludicrous claims like PS4/XB1 have superior controllers. That’s funny. Yep, some will latch on to the slight downgrade in visuals, and some will love the other online communities. Others will just enjoy the game in that form, on and off line, and in portable form, because they aren’t snobs and enjoy all games.

      Seriously, if you want to talk about definitive COD online gameplay, best visuals and controls, you shouldn’t be talking about PS4/XB1 anyway. LOL.

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      1. @ Jay

        “Scientists have found that people who constantly get bothered by grammatical errors online have “less agreeable” personalities than those who just let them slide.

        And those friends who are super-sensitive to typos on your Facebook page? Psychological testing reveals they’re generally less open, and are also more likely to be judging you for your mistakes than everyone else.”

        On topic:

        I never said you where defending anything , I already know the typical responces so said those things in advanced. Looking at the responces so far I made my point thank you very much ;)

        You say I’m a snob that only cares if GTA, AC andf COD Show up , wich I never claimed and you don’t know me at all. Thanks for proving the above (again) “are also more likely to be judging you for your mistakes than everyone else.”

        For home consoles the ps and xbox controller are considered superior. Esports Fifa,Cod ect. is played on these consoles for a reason.

        You say I shouldn’t be talking about PS4/XB1 for the definitive online , Visuals and controls but I didn’t I mentiont PC multiple times learn to read. If we are just talking home consoles they still beat the Switch on every level.

        I grew up with Nintendo but that doesn’t mean I have to be a blind fanboy like yourself.


      2. Pretendoblog… you’re both salty and in full denial. There is a possibility that Activision may soon bring Crash Bandicoot and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 to the Nintendo Switch. And BO4 is indeed coming to the Switch, you’ll be eating crows for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stay salty, boyfriend.


    3. Games are fun to play. And plenty of people will buy it. Lack of multiplayer FPS games on Switch. So don’t care what you think regarding people not buying it because it doesn’t ring true to me at all. “Supper controllers”? Just how superior are these, almost identical controllers??? haha

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    4. Superior controls? PS4’s doesn’t even last longer than Switch’s battery and Xbox One still uses AA Batteries…post 2013…what the fuck? Also, why change the sticks when 360 felt just right? Lastly, PS4’s trackpad…more useless/pointless than 3DS’s 3D.

      More competitive? There’s no such thing and if they are, why copycat PCs? Better graphics? lol Oh you couldn’t be anymore wrong. PC has superior graphics and no console on Earth can beat or change that. Also, graphics are and should be considered an afterthought because gameplay is vital and if gameplay sucks while graphics don’t, you practically own a shiny turd.

      Lastly, you’re basically a Switch hater based on this post. Nuff said.

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      1. Who was talking about a batteries lol , this is based on controllers that fit nice into your hand and are easiest to used. May I remind you that the ps/xbox controllers are based on the Snes controller wich is a perfect controller. Besides there are gaming websites that actually rate controllers you know, not to mention polls with the player base.

        FIFA world championships are played on console not PC. PC is not a home console PS/Xbox/Nintendo are , besides that I mentiont PC multiple times not just PS/Xbox.

        Gameplay might be important but better graphics means more third party triple A titles something Nintendo has not had since the Snes besides the Gamecube wich is a far better console than the n64 /WII / WII U and Switch considering the game library , altough the switch can be argued since its new.

        I’m a Switch hater cause I own the Gameboy,GBA,DS,3DS , 8-Bit,Snes,n64,Gamecube,Wii with 200+ glames yeah right ;)

        I’m a Switch hater cause I am critical and don’t call the Switch the best thing that happend to humanity since the first coming of Jesus Christ or lord and saviour yeah right XD


      2. Hold on, I thought the 360 and GameCube had the best controller design. lol I love SNES but it’s a pill shaped remote and now barely fits into our hands plus, thanks for implying that Sony/MS copycatting Nintendo’s designs. lol

        Wether you like it or not, PC is a home console because it’s a system meant for HOME/OFFICE applications and CAN PLAY GAMES. So it is a console much like Nintendo’s. XB/PS are basically DVD boxes pretending to be as powerful as a PC…from 8 years ago.

        Stop right there about the graphics. We all heard this dumbass graphics-whore story and song before. Hasn’t proven or changed shit. May I remind you that PS2/DS/Wii were among the weakest console hardware out there and yet manage to be among the top 3 best selling consoles in history? Graphics don’t mean shit 100%. Healthy gaming library with solid and fun gameplay beats visuals. Everytime.


  3. Eh i don’t really care about COD but what i do care is about Overawatch being in the switch pls make it happen
    yet COD seems pretty good if it came to the switch but its lacking things such as graphic, voice chat, texture, lightning


    1. It will be just like Doom on Switch. The visuals won’t be identical, but they will still be plenty good, especially for a system that’s also fully portable. Well, that’s assuming whoever does the port of the game, is as talented as Panic Button is at porting to the Switch.

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    1. Judging by sales COD WWII sold way way better then Advanced Warfare. So being set in modern day I think makes the most sense.


      1. Certainly did a lot better than Infinite Shitfare which nobody asked for but the historical points are so incorrect. They even fuck up the weapons detail and functions to mimic Advance Warfare sounds and recoil.


  4. I’m not really a big fan of COD games anymore but the new one possibly coming to the Switch will be great to any Switch owner who loves the franchise and wants a home console version to play on the go

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  5. I’m a fan of some CoD games. I’m mostly just not a fan of how they’re cash grabs and come out far too often. So I end up picking up a new one once in a while. I haven’t bought one since Ghosts, so I’d pick this up if it looks pretty good. It seems like it could be a good indicator of more and more third party support, if it does well.


  6. no gyro no buy dumdum dum dum dum NO GYRO NO BUY NOOOOOGYRO NO BUY


  7. If this is a 2018 game, and if Nintendo are going to launch their online later this year , “IF”.
    Then this rumor may carry some weight to it, Nintendo need to launch their online, Strong.
    Just like with launch, and who knows at the pace they’ve been going over the past 11months with switch, it could be totally possible.


  8. lol I agree with nintendoblog to a degree as some of you shit all over the people that are gonna help Nintendo get back to the top. You people want Nintendo to do great yet shit over the people and games that will help them do just that. Just look at some of you shitting all over Square Enix for not bringing over a main Final Fantasy game when they are bringing over 8 other games they either developed or are publishing. Some of you still forget how badly the Wii U did without 3rd parties like Activision, EA, etc and their games like Call of Duty, FIFA, etc and their fans that buy up those games. Wii U proved Nintendo needs these guys and these games and the people that buy them. Without them, Nintendo systems would just sell around 13-15m every gen as Wii U has shown hardcore Nintendo fans are a minority in the video game industry these days. We need the help from the other fanbases you all seem to love trashing. So shit on the “hardcore” gamers and the 3rd parties and their games all you want. Without them, Switch would have just been another flop; portable home console or not. As for the 3DS, same rules apply there. The 3DS isn’t where it is today because of Nintendo, it’s games, and it’s handheld aspect alone but because of all the 3rd party games on the little thing, too. Remember that the next time some of you wanna trash other fanbases and other companies.

    But I digress. I stated my opinion on the matter so I’m out. I’ll leave the bickering to the rest of you as I’m trying to avoid that shit, so I have more time for playing games, interacting with friends, hanging out on other sites, watching movies, watching television shows, and spending time with my wife and kid. *drops the mic & fades away*


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