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Eurogamer Says It’s Also Heard Crash Bandicoot Is Nintendo Switch Bound

You most likely remember that information popped up from a magazine called Licensing Source Book Europe that Activision is planning to produce more Crash Bandicoot games following the success of Crash Bandicoot ‘N Sane Trilogy. The publication also said that Crash Bandicoot is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Eurogamer has done a bit of digging and has heard from their sources that this information is correct. I imagine we shall hear something at E3 or hopefully before.

Activision, will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch later this year (our sources have heard the same). There’s no mention of an Xbox One version, but it’s not ruled out. Activision has yet to comment.


Thanks to Paidenthusiast for the news tip!



  1. I might buy this again because I don’t want to have to set up the ps4 every time I want to play Crash. Lol if I could just abandon my ps4 and have every game I play on there, but on the switch, that’d be awesome XD

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  2. I’m honestly not sure what the fuss is about. I picked it up on the PS4 having played it previously back in the PS1 era, but not having an attachment to it, I wanted to finish all three and see what the fuss is about.

    It’s just kind of….ok. A lot of times it is downright unfair, and that has nothing to do with your skill and everything to do with the odd hitboxes and jump timing that the game has.

    I actively hated playing the first one through a few of the levels which are absolutely crazy. I just don’t see where the love is coming from, but to each their own I suppose.


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