Nintendo Switch

Chance The Rapper Wants Fortnite On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is one of the most popular modern games out there, but it isn’t on Nintendo Switch – at least not yet. A number of fans want that to change, however, including celebrities like Chance the Rapper. The Chicago rapper made the request via Twitter today in a viral tweet that immediately garnered thousands of supporters. You can check it out in the embedded post below. Let’s hope Epic Games makes note of this and listens to fans by announcing a Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite soon.



    1. Basically it’s PUBG but it’s got two separate modes
      1. Fortnite’s Main “Campaign” which has you fighting off hordes of mutants whilst building buildings and crafting new traps for your hideout to protect the Core the mutants are after.

      2. Fortnite: Battle Royale is just PUBG but with the ability to build and destroy building, much like in the main game.

      Fortnite is a colourful version of PUBG…. also it’s ACTUALLY GOOD


    1. To add to what Mike said, the more celebs liking the Switch and asking for games on Switch, the more likely CHANCE some of their fans and/or followers might also get the console in an attempt to mimic their “idol.”


    1. This IS news. Chance the rapper is a very famous hip hop artist here in the U.S. One of the problems that Nintendo faces is reaching different demographics. Here we have a hip hop artist tweeting about Fortnite, a game that would bring ALOT of players to the Switch. News to me my man.

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  1. He’s a black uncle of my fitness friends cousin also he’s the black brother of a man I know who’s also quite close to me and he’s a black bastard.

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