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Nintendo Says Switch Online’s Next Announcement “Will Be Worth The Wait”

We found out recently that the Nintendo Switch paid online subscription service has been delayed until September 2018. However, speaking at the Q&A session for investors, Nintendo Switch architect Shinya Takahashi says that their next announcement for the service will be worth the wait for Switch owners.


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    1. This isn’t just a paid online thing though; it’s also a subscription service for their Virtual Console games. And I hope for more than that, but I have a feeling that those two things are mainly going to be it.


      1. I’m actually looking forward to the Labo and I am not actually hating on Nintendo. I have two young kids at home, so I think we’ll have fun with it, but it obviously isn’t for everyone.

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      2. I’m not hating on Nintendo either. I just wish they would stop with the gimmicks, especially if it’s just cardboard.


      3. It really isn’t a bad idea. Even if you aren’t into it that doesn’t make it bad, it just means it’s not for you (they made it clear that it’s targeted towards kids). I won’t be buying it but I think it’s genius. If it fails Nintendo wont take much of a hit due to it’s low investment. And if it’s successful then they’ll be flowing in cash.

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  1. It better be. System voice chat/messaging, Miitomo/Mii Plaza social hub, Virtual Console with some of it’s multiplayer titles enabled for online, cloud storage/ saves, easier transfers, universal account sign in for multiple devices, theme store, multimedia and Spot/Streetpass. I expect it to be a much better system with most of these by this year.


    1. I would love to see all of these features return but I expect if they do things like Miiverse or Spotpass/Streetpass again they will be renamed just like how they renamed their online features when they switched from DS/Wii to 3DS/Wii U and now again with the Switch to the Switch (Pun intended)


      1. Well they didn’t rename Spotpass on Pii U so why rename Streetpass if they bring it back? It’ll be a feature by name everyone will remember and like. Also, they didn’t rename Virtual Console from Wii either so…why change that?


      2. Good point I was mostly just pointing out how they usually rename features when they move on to a new console generation and the reason Spotpass wasn’t renamed on Wii U was because the 3DS was still current but like you said there are exceptions to the name change rule like Virtual Console so who really knows what Nintendo is planning on for names well besides Nintendo themselves of course


      1. Well that’s what everything want unless this 20 bucks let Nintendo make one of the best online service


  2. I really hope it is because it was supposed to be out in October and thus I bought my switch accordingly. Now it is delayed again and it pretty much sucks that the first couple years of the consoles life will not have any online play.

    I mean this isn’t their first rodeo.


  3. It better be. If all we get is free NES and SNES games with online functionality and the ability to play online, I’d hardly call that being worth the wait. It better have those and better discounts on games, early access to betas and demos of games coming soon, a cloud system for saves, and free games ranging from indie games to triple A 3rd party games (the free AAA 3rd party games being free are rare on PS4 through PlayStation+ but they do happen…) If not, I’ll gladly pay more than 20 bucks for said extra features.

    The way he talks, though, gives me slight hope we’re looking at some good stuff through their paid online service by way of a cheaper price tag from PS+ and XBox Live Gold’s price tags. (But this IS Nintendo I’m talking about here so the realist in me says to stomp that hope into the dirt.)

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  4. Honestly there’s a LOT they’d have to announce for it to be worth the wait. They have got to get on the same level as Sony and Microsoft with internet services. I don’t know yet if I’ll pay for their online cos in the current state it isn’t worth paying anything for. I get they’ll add NES games or whatever, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve played NES games more than enough and I have them on multiple consoles at this point. It’s just not a selling point for me. If they don’t add a basic messaging feature and communication ON the console (ditch that crap app already!) then I see no point in bothering to pay for online at all. I’ll survive in an offline environment.

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