Nintendo Switch

DOOM Will Be Getting A Large Patch For Nintendo Switch This Month

Bethesda has announced on Twitter that DOOM will be receiving a meaty patch this month on the Nintendo Switch. The company says that they will be revealing the full patch notes which cover audio issues, menu fixes, and more as its closer to release.

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!



    1. Yeah I hated it when the sound cut off completely it just happens randomly.Even when you’re in an empty room I really can’t stand playing a game with no sound.I think the quality of the sound is extremely important in any game and just as important as gameplay to me.


  1. Yeah had the audio and menu thing a couple of times but still loved the game so glad they’re fixing it. Would be amazing if they added motion aiming but I think that’s hoping for too much.

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    1. Well if they fix the audio glitches and smooth out some of the framerate drops on higher difficulty levels I’ll be happy.I thought bethesda wasn’t going to patch doom on the switch but I’m glad they’re finally doing something about it.


      1. I highly doubt they will b able to smooth out the framerate issues on higher difficulties. Its due more to hardware limitation instead of optimization. Its already incredibly optimized to get it to work on the Switch anyways.


      1. Is just there to have fun with. You wanna know mediocre to trash multiplayer? Look at games like CoD and even Sonic Free Riders..oh, especially that last one.


  2. the audio pop in pop out issue happens to me sometimes, but ive been able to resolve it by hitting the home menu, and returning to game. Once i had to restart the game, but glad they’re fixing it.


    1. Well I mean it has been proven the game can drop as low as 612p during gameplay. So yea thts pretty blurry, doesnt mean it hasnt hit the point of being unplayable. (Played Xenobalde 2 in handheld mode and it dropped as low as 364p…rarely, but most of the time between 450p-620p)


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