Nintendo Switch

Here Is The New Story Trailer For Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana is releasing on the Nintendo Switch this summer. So, NIS America released a brand new story trailer for the game. Every single game announcement from tonight’s NIS America press event came with a trailer, so this isn’t unusual. That said, you will soon be able to “join Adol, Dogi and the rest of the crew of the shipwrecked Lombardia as they work together to survive the mysterious isle of Seiren”. Check out the story trailer down below.




  1. *chuckles* “Later games feature a variety of plots but frequently begin with a shipwreck. A stranded Adol then gets involved in the new area’s events and adventure ensues.” So the only tie-in to every entry is Adol. So I’m assuming this means I can get this game and not have to worry about being too behind in the story because of past entries. I’ll keep my eye on it then.


    1. I think you meant to say mainline FF since each Final Fantasy that isn’t sharing a number (or subtitle in the case of FF Crystal Chronicles or FF Tactics) with another has it’s own separate canon from the other games in the franchise.


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