Nintendo Switch

Koei Tecmo Reconfirms Their Commitment To Nintendo Switch

GameSpot recently caught up with Koei Tecmo President Hisashi Koinuma who talked a little about the renowned company’s Nintendo Switch support. Koinuma believes the Switch is the perfect product for the modern lifestyle and is committed to bringing their range of the titles to the platform.

“I believe that the Switch was well-received and became popular because it’s really suited for the modern lifestyle, not only in Japan, but the US and also European countries as well. So we are readily available to make titles available on Switch, and either our own IPs or some other company’s IPs. I feel we’ve been working on making the titles available on Switch much faster than the other publishers. If there is any need or wishes to be played on Switch, then definitely, we will work on that.”




  1. Keep the Warriors games for Zelda and Fire Emblem coming as those will be the only games I buy for Switch from you guys as I got my PS4 for everything else I like from you.

    Oh and port Fatal Frame 5 with all costumes available to unlock in the game, both the cosplay AND lingerie costumes! It’s a horror game rated M for Mature! You see characters in horror movies that are supposedly 16 or 17 running around half naked, sometimes being outright naked, all the time! Of course, that was more of Nintendo’s stupidity than yours since you guys sexualize plenty of characters in your other games. (I draw the line at characters 14 and under, though. Ew, no, as that’s pedophile territory!)

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      1. Why does anyone ever talk to a grave as if the dead person can hear them? Because it’s comforting, gives them a chance to let out some anger, etc.

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