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Rumour: Details Emerge About Features, Visuals And More For Mario Party 11 On Switch

Update: Apparently Marcus isn’t correct according to Liam Robertson.

We reported on a rumour not long ago that Mario Party 11 could be coming to Nintendo Switch next year. Now, from the same source (Marcus Sellars on Twitter), comes a tonne of information relating to the supposed title. We get a potential insight into some of the features, the level system and more. Check out the points below.


  • Split Joy-Con Support
  • Local play up to 4 switches Online Modes:
  • Leaderboards got minigames
  • Party Matches (Random minigames for fun)
  • Ranked Matches (if you win your rank goes up and if you lose it goes down)

Level System:

  • Inspired by Mario Party Star Rush
  • Partypoints are back and act as XP
  • Most efficient way of earing Party Points is through online matches
  • By levelling up you get to unlock new characters, minigames and smaller modes


  • 1080p 30fps docked
  • 720p 30fps hand-held Details:
  • Local multiplayer is going to be pushed heavily as it supports split Joy-Con
  • Minigames will make use of all the features the NintendoSwitch has to offer (e.g. HD rumble and the IR pointer)

Other details:

  • Menu and UI to feature touchscreen support in hand-held
  • 10 characters will be available from the start with 4 unlockable ones
  • Gameplay still relies heavily on luck as it’s an ND cube game. The game is still in development so resolution could change


  • Story Mode will feature bosses
  • Boss mode will feature bosses from the story mode but with added characters and other tweaks

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25 thoughts on “Rumour: Details Emerge About Features, Visuals And More For Mario Party 11 On Switch”

    1. I think you’re feeling that way because ever since Mario Party 8 they’ve been ranging from okay to just straight up bad.

      Plus, the Mario Party series is pretty much a cash-grab at this point, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Mario Party 11 was somewhere in that range as well.

        1. Well then if that’s the case, their comment makes no sense. They’re not a cash-grab because they sold well? What? I guess Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) wasn’t basically a cash-grab either since it sold almost 9 million copies.

        1. Just because it’s not making that much money doesn’t mean they aren’t cash-grabby. They know people, especially kids, will buy them no matter how much effort they put into it. The most recent one was pretty much being sold solely on nostalgia. Not to mention, they release one every year. Clearly they don’t care if a Mario Party sells poorly or not because they know it’ll make them money either way.

  1. For the first time ever since the first Mario parties on N64 I’m actually interested. It’s gna be a great party game to play with shared joycons. I think they might actually have something that can attract a bunch of players for once if they make good minigames and boards especially with the recognition of the Mario brand

  2. >inspired by Star Rush

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to have generic board designs and basic themes like desert, desert with hills, etc.

    Mario Party is dead

  3. Just get rid of the car and I’m good. Hopefully they try to be more creative with this one. They’ve been on a roll with things like Aces (so far), Odyssey, BOTW and so on.

  4. It’s quite certain the latest MARIO party entries have been pretty drab.
    How about doing a Compilation of all the best bits from previous games, release it on switch and be done with it.

  5. “Gameplay still relies heavily on luck ”
    I’m passing on this if this information is true. ND Cude is too retarded to learn that luck is what DESTROYED Mario Party 9 and 10. This series will probably continue to suck as long as ND Cube is in charge of the franchise. They can’t hold a candle to Hudson Soft.

  6. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    If true, not interested. The ONLY thing that should be luck based is the number your dice land on that tells you how many spaces you can move. Hurry up and just die already, Mario Party.

  7. Sadly, this is still going to be made by NDCube, you know the ones behind choosing the 3DS for the Top 100 (sold like crap), Amiibo Festival (sold like crap) and Mario Party 10 (probably would have sold like crap if it hadn’t included a free amiibo).

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