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Gears For Breakfast Says A Hat In Time Won’t Come To Nintendo Switch

The official Gears for Breakfast Twitter account has confirmed that the charming 3D platformer A Hat In Time won’t come to the Nintendo Switch. The news was revealed when a fan asked the account whether the game was ever going to come to Nintendo’s latest system. The developer clearly stated that it isn’t in development.

84 thoughts on “Gears For Breakfast Says A Hat In Time Won’t Come To Nintendo Switch”

  1. I understand that this is going to sound like the typical butthurt response, but I never understood the appeal of this game. To me, it just looks so bland, and has dull level design. Then again, I don’t typically like the look or feel of 3D indies.

    1. Compare to Yooka-Laylee, AHIT is a better alternative. But it’s not a huge loss for the Switch. We got Mario Odyssey and possibly Crash N-Sane Trilogy if true.

      1. I looked through the comments that a hat in time were making on this twitter thread, and it almost sounded like they didn’t want to just because they don’t want to, because they don’t care about it. They said something like “we can like what we like and do what we want to do” which is fine.

        Someone also brought up how they are missing out on switch money, and they said “last time I looked, our sales are doing great” so they missed the point there, that their sales could be even better if they released it on switch. So I think technical limitations do exist and affect it, but doom was ported, and rocket league, so makes me think they feel a little bitter about it and just aren’t putting he extra effort because they don’t want to.

        Wish they would, the game looks awesome. Feel bad they are getting so much slack for it though.

      2. i don’t think they even tried i think as soon as they got the dev kits they did not bother i mean they only want money from sony and microsoft

  2. With Mario Odyssey being on the Switch, it’s not a huge loss.
    But I played A Hat in Time on PC, and it was pretty good. Not a game I’d come back to, but if you’re into 3D platformers, it’s worth the purchase if you have one of the platforms it’s on. It takes a lot of inspiration from Mario Sunshine.
    I am curious as to why they won’t port it though. Maybe it’s just too much work to port, or the game didn’t perform as well as they would’ve liked.

  3. Before anyone jumps on the hate wagon,there’s a reason why it isn’t in the switch. A hat in time uses unreal engine 3 and Nintendo switch only supports U4,so it’s not possible to port over to the system.

    Just letting you all know.

      1. Thank you for correcting. Even though it seems to be the case,they’re a smaller studio compared to the rest that port their games to the system and don’t have much of a budget for it. I know they were gonna put it on the Wii U but now that’s not the case and I’m sure a number of optimizations would have to be made and it would take more time than necessary. But idk,just taking some guesses.

      2. If the engine doesn’t officially support a system that a dev wants to support then the dev has to do the work to port the engine. Some studios can do this, some can’t.

        It’s also always worth mentioning that the few games that sold better on Switch than other platforms don’t mean that every game will. A lot of people ignore the fact that over 63% of all software sales on Switch are first part software so its important to look at first and third party attach rate separately.

        It’s also important to factor in that other consoles have larger libraries so an indie game might be harder to find than it would on the Switch. So is it that indie games appeal to the Switch fan base more or is it just easier to find on Switch? Obviously, we’ll see about that in time.

  4. Y’all gotta remember that GFB are a small indie group and they can’t just drop everything they’re working on right now to port it over to the Switch. Porting isn’t just a drag and drop process; it takes a lot of effort to make sure everything is working perfectly. They reached out to Nintendo a while ago for a Switch dev kit and got it really late. At this point they’re putting all their focus into perfecting the already released console ports along with the free chapter DLC for all versions later on. There’s no time for them to focus on a brand new port for a system they haven’t developed for yet without hindering the others.

    It’s disappointing, but there’s a lot more to this than them just not wanting to make more money.

    1. Don’t care. They could of put the effort in for a port. They don’t need social keyboard warriors defending there actions. They drew a line in the Sand and decided to say screw Switch owners were not interested in your money. So now we’re not interested in there product.

            1. I meant CAN.

              As in, the DLC announced for Odyssey isn’t enough to compensate for us not getting A Hat in Time. Balloon World is just a stupid online multiplayer mode.

                1. The only thing they can really do now is a sequel (preferably one where Mario doesn’t waste his time with Peach).

                  But as a short-term solution: more platformers from other developers like Poi and Yooka-Laylee.

                  Crash is the only potential alternative (that we know of) left.

  5. This seems like a very big missed opportunity considering the Switch is perfect for it :o I really want a more in-depth answer of why it’s not coming.

    1. IDK why they decline the Switch knowing full well that most ported games from other platforms actually sold more on the Switch or about to. But oh well, their loss. Let them join the sore loser bandwagon like EA.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s not true that most ported games sell better on Switch. I’ve only seen that said about Celeste, Oceanhorn, Shovel Knight, Wonder Boy, and Death Squared and it’s unknown if that just because the Switch library is currently smaller than other systems and they don’t have to compete with a whole lot of AAA games.

        When looking at sales of LA Noire for example, Switch only made up 20% of its launch sales in the UK (the only figure I can find for it). FIFA has sold more copies on Switch than PS4 in Japan but that still only makes up a few percent of FIFA’s worldwide sales. I haven’t seen anything about Doom sales on Switch but there are people saying it didn’t sell that well.

        As for the Switch’s other 200-ish games, I haven’t heard much of anything. I’ve mainly heard that people are happy with sales of their games on Switch. That’s all. You can say that those few success stories show that any indie game can sell better on Switch but that’s 5 indie success stories on a system where a good 90% of it’s library is indie games.

      1. Nintendo consoles and 3D platformers go hand in hand, at least to me. The Switch being portable makes it even better. Maybe it’s also my nostalgia for how A Hat In Time reminds me of Super Mario 64.

  6. Meanwhile, after everyone beat Super Mario Odyssey (because I sure have, and Yooka-Laylee, and sonic Forces, and Poi),

    So what’s next? Buy a PlayStation 4 as compensation?

      1. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree.

        I’m no Sony fan (far from it), but the PS4 is said to be the most powerful console ever manufactured. Hell, I’d get one for the exclusive games alone (of course I don’t want it to ever come to that), but that’s double the investment compared to just owning one console (and all the peripherals it asks for), and all for a few exclusive titles that refuse to come to a Nintendo system, even during their dry periods (Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Amiibo Festival, Super Mario Maker, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Star Fox Zero, Paper Mario Color Splash, MASATROG (Rio Olympic Games), Yo-kai Watch, FreezeME, any meh game you buy for the holiday season, just so you have something to open up on Christmas Day/your birthday, but didn’t want that badly to begin with).

  7. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    Whatever. Sucks for Switch owners that might have wanted this, but I got a PS4 so I can just get the game on there if I feel inclined to buy it. And if I wait long enough, who knows; maybe it will be given away for free down the line through PS+ like they are giving away Rime for free this month which I downloaded. I can’t pass up the chance at playing a game that interested me for free but not enough to buy because of some of the bad publicity it was getting. Now I don’t have to worry “will this game be worth my money” and be disappointed if it turns out to be bad or just not as interesting as I originally thought it’d be.

  8. Infinite Kalas X3, The Sonyendo King

    And to the ones bitching that this is some slight toward the Switch userbase…
    They were asked a question and gave a quick answer to said question. So you people complaining don’t know WHY they aren’t making a Switch port. It could be a number of reasons that has absolutely nothing to do with the user base. Some Nintendo fans… So damn paranoid.

    1. Not that I care much for this. It’s a shame we won’t get it but it’s not a huge loss. We got Mario Odyssey which is 200x the game this thing wish it’ll be and if we get Crash N-Sane, then that’s a plus too. We’ll still get plentiful of games this year with or without some folks like Gears of Breakfast. lol Seriously, WTF is that name?

  9. I don’t know if they got dev-kits in the end, but Nintendo was denying them that for a while. Not that it matters. It is on PC. It’s lagging on my 1080Ti, so I wonder how well it would have runned on X1 :P

  10. “We feel really confident about it. In the beginning, we weren’t so sure. We had to do custom work. The Switch by itself doesn’t have inherent Unreal 3 support. It only has Unreal 4. To support 3, we had to do custom work.” – Rocket League port team

    Maybe they dont know how to do the custom work. If you guys wanna play so bad, buy a used ps4.
    One thing I will say though is their responses are unprofessional.

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